Girl, 7, Writes To CSIRO: 'Can You Please Make Me A Dragon?' They Say They'll Try

Sophie, 7, has given CSIRO scientists a head start on designing a dragon by including a schematic in her letter to them. Source:

In the lead up to last year’s federal election, members of the future Government got stuck into the science community over research grants they thought were a waste of time.

The good news is that the CSIRO is putting the money where it matters most, especially for Game of Thrones fans: dragons.

On the CSIRO news blog today, Vanessa Hill announced that they’re looking into how to make dragons following a request from Sophie, 7, who wrote to the “lovely scientist” asking “Would it be possible if you can make a dragon for me. I would call it toothless if it was a girl and if it is a boy I would name it Stuart.”

The request provoked some major reflection by the august 87-year-old research body, which pointed out that Wi-Fi, polymer bank notes and personal insect repellant are among its achievements, but up until now, they’d done nothing about dragons.

“And for this Australia, we are sorry,” the CSIRO blog says.

Business Insider applauds this bold new initiative and believes it should be a joint venture with the RAAF, who are still struggling to get the troubled F35A Joint Strike Fighter project back on track and budget.

And if dragons can hold their breath underwater, the Navy might also find a solution for the equally fraught Collins class submarine replacement program.

UPDATE Thanks to the marvels of modern science, just four days later they did it!

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