Ginia Rinehart's Lawyers Say Her Sister Bianca's Personal Life Is Why She Shouldn't Run The Trust

Photo: Getty/Paul Kane

Yesterday at the Rinehart civil case, which is before the NSW Supreme Court, Ginia Rinehart’s lawyers said her sister Bianca’s “personal life” was why she was not suited to run the family’s multi-billion dollar trust.

Ginia’s lawyers, according to The Australian, tried to tender an affidavit that contained details of Bianca’s personal life, though exactly what the details are is unclear as they were not reported.

Whatever it was though, was personal enough for Bianca’s lawyers to attempt to have the court closed to media, a request which was rejected by the judge.

Bianca and her brother John Hancock have taken their mum Gina — Australia’s richest person — to court, accusing her of acting inappropriately in her role as trustee.

This week the matter has been before court, with several twists and turns as the family attempts to decided on a replacement for Gina, who earlier offered to step down.

There’s more here.

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