Ginia Rinehart's Bodyguard Has Died After She Found Him Suffering A Heart Attack In Her London Hotel

Photo: Facebook/ The Dorchester. The exterior Dorchester Hotel London.

The bodyguard of Ginia Rinehart – daughter of Australian mining royalty Gina Rinehart – has been found dead in London’s Dorchester Hotel.

This morning Scotland Yard confirmed that police and paramedics were called to Rinehart’s hotel suite earlier this month after Ginia found her 35-year-old bodyguard and former Australian war hero, Jerry Rouwhorst. She believed he was suffering a heart attack and called for help.

It is believed Rouwhorst had attempted to take his life before Rinehart found him.

Rouwhorst was taken to hospital but died days later. He was commended for bravery while serving in the Australian Army in 2007.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports a notice of the commendation was published just two days before he was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

The death is being treated as “non-suspicious” and the Rineharts have not commented on the incident.

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