Gingrich Backed The Health Care Individual Mandate In 2005

newt gingrich

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Broadcasting Network

Former Speaker of the House and GOP presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich backed an individual mandate for health insurance in 2005, a new video shows.Posted on YouTube yesterday, the video shows Gingrich comparing the individual mandate to welfare reform, saying individuals should have to post a bond if they opt-out of purchasing health insurance. He adds that while he opposes a single-payer system, he believes there should be a 300-million-payer system.

Gingrich also calls for replacing Medicare with a voucher system, along the lines of food stamps.

His position then puts him at odds with where he currently stands in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, which he pledges to repeal because of the individual mandate. The individual mandate lies at the heart of various state-led challenges to the health care reform bill, which will be argued before the Supreme Court next year.

Which side will Newt take?

Watch the video below:

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