Gingrich Has No Hope Of Beating Romney, So Now He Is Just Berating Obama

newt gingrich laugh

Photo: patrickgensel via Flikr

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich made the media rounds yesterday and reverted back to one of his favourite tactics: blasting Obama.Gingrich hasn’t had much success in slowing his Republican rivals in recent weeks, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking his shots at the president. The topic de jour being energy policy.

First, in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition, Gingrich said the president has done little to foster domestic oil production, despite recent studies suggesting that he has. 

“There is move toward greater supply, and that move is led by private property despite this administration. Production on government lands has gone down under Obama. Production on private land has gone up despite Obama. If we had a serious effort to maximise production of American oil, we would be the leading oil producer in the world.”

Gingrich then went on Fox News and called the president more sensitive to “radical Islamists” than the Catholic church.

“Why is it he’s more sensitive to radical Islamists who are killing young Americans than he is to the Catholic church, to Baptists, to fundamentalists, to people who are pro-abortion — I mean, who are pro — who are pro-life?”

The former House speaker also accused the president of failing to put forth economically viable solutions to the energy problem. He was particularly ired by Obama’s recent proposal to develop biofuels from algae.

“Now, that’s not economically competitive. And you’ve got — the goal has to be what you said, which is how can you get to a truly green energy instead of a greenback energy? There’s no indication that Barack Obama has a clue about economics and every indication that he is raising the cost of oil and gas for the American people, raising the cost of electricity, deepening the recession and hurting the pocketbook of every American family.”

Gingrich has also taken to his website to criticise the Obama administration’s energy policy as well as champion his $2.50 for gas plan. 

The Gingrich campaign seems to be on the stalls, as polling numbers remain low and calls for him to drop out become more numerous. But if this recent barrage of anti-Obama rhetoric is any indication of the future, it doesn’t seem like Gingrich will stay quiet, even if he withdraws from the race.

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