He's Suing Her, But Gina Rinehart's Son Says He Has No Hard Feelings Towards His Mum

Getty/Paul Kane

John Hancock, in an interview with The Australian, has said has still has “great affection” for his mother Gina Rinehart.

Hancock, along with his sister Bianca, has taken legal action against Rinehart which saw her step down as head of a $4 billion trust in October.

The action is ongoing, with both parties (another sister Ginia has sided with her mum) unable to agree on a replacement trustee.

Here’s some of what he said:

“I can only think the reason my private emails are referred to now was to try to somehow embarrass me – they didn’t, although I would never choose to have them published. Our family company is Australia’s biggest private company and succession is an important and emotive subject to me.

I don’t bear animus towards Ginia, for any of the things she has done. No doubt she is under extreme pressure and I pity her in that situation.

“It hasn’t been easy for me to make a stand. Of course I don’t enjoy fighting my mother. But I have my own family to provide for now. I’ve had to make a stand because I haven’t received any income from the trust for over 10 years.”

During the course of the legal action, family emails have been tendered as evidence which have at times been quite personal.

There is more here.

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