Meet Gina Carano, Who's About To Become The Most Bankable Athlete-Turned-Actor Ever

gina carano

Shaq. The Rock. Carl Weathers.

Plenty of athletes have dabbled in movies—with mixed results.

But none have gone from screen test to big screen in the way that 29-year-old women’s MMA star Gina Carano is about to.

Carano stars in “Haywire,” the next film from Steven Soderbergh, along a huge roster of A-list names.

Michael Douglas, Ewan MacGregor, and Channing Tatum all star alongside her.

And we do mean alongside her: Carano is the lead in this film.

If all goes well, Carano will have instant credibility in the world of big-budget, respectable studio movies.

And she’s bet a lot on that prospect: Carano put her sports career on hold to work with Soderbergh. She hasn’t had a match since 2009.

(She’s already reportedly been cast in a remake of the Bruce Lee film “The Silent Flute”).

The “Haywire” trailer leaked today: here it is.

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