Models! Bras! Shoes! Behind The Scenes Of Gilt Groupe's Fabulous Photo Shoots

gilt shoot

Private luxury clothing retailer Gilt Groupe is a very successful startup, with sales estimated to hit $500 million this year.

A big part of the success is its website, which is more like a living breathing fashion magazine than an eCommerce site.

Rather than using stock images from retailers, Gilt has its own in-house photo studio set up in its Brooklyn offices where it shoots models wearing different mixed and matched outfits .

We were invited to tour the Brooklyn office and see how the shoot is done.

Click here to see a how Gilt shoots photos for its website >
Disclosure: Gilt cofounder and chairman Kevin Ryan is also cofounder and chairman of Business Insider.

Gilt's Brooklyn office is in the Navy Yard, which is actually quite advantageous for photo shoots.

These interesting sites are used as scenes in the photos.

Here's our guide, Leah Park, VP of Creative. She joined Gilt in 2007, leaving Bergdorf Goodman.

Gilt has numerous photo studios in its Brooklyn offices. It has the largest in-house studio set-up in New York. Everyone else rents.

Here's a titillating image to greet us as we enter the studio.

A variety of exciting shoes to be modelled. Gilt's talented stylists will match different shoes with with different outfits.

Gilt shoots day and night in two separate sessions.

The ugliest thing in the room. Your intrepid gonzo reporter covers his face with good reason.

This shoot captures an edgier, younger look says Leah, which reflects this line from Chloe.

Gilt lists the sizes of the models on its site so people buying the clothes know how to think about the fit they're seeing.

Here's where they shoot bags. These are harder than clothes. A model wears clothes, which gives the clothes a certain amount of action. A bag just sits there.

This is Henry, he's a photographer and a model. Or, as we like to think of it, a two-sport athlete.

This was just after the iPhone 4 came out. Everyone wanted to take a look at it.

Here's the team. Everyone seemed to get along really well at Gilt.

This is Lindsay Nisbett, a senior art director and another Bergdorf alum.

A big part of Gilt's appeal is that it's not using stock images provided by companies.

Gilt shoots 40 pieces a day from 3 different angles. It's a tough art to get right, especially with jewellery.

This photo was from the roof and it gives a nice illusion of being on a beach.

Music was pumping in the background, and Gilt's employees took a dance break here.

Take a close look at this space, it could show up on Gilt's website some time soon.

This chair looks stylish to us.

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