Gilt Engineer: 'I Have A Serious Problem With Google'

matt wunschMark Wunsch

Mark Wunsch, software engineer for Gilt Groupe, has beef with Google.

He points out many specific problems he has with the company, but in general they seem to boil down to this: Google is so deeply ingrained into the current state of the Web that you’re forced to acknowledge it and tailor your digital creations to Google’s standards or else you become anonymous and un-findable.

Wunsch writes that “a Google Search has become as meaningful, if not more, than the URL — a fundamental building block in the web.” Fewer people actually type in URLs for sites they want to visit, instead opting to search Google for the content they’re after. So developers like Wunsch are “enticed, encouraged, and incentivized to build for the web using tools created by Google.”

Like Wunsch, any developer worth his or her salt cares a lot about choice and freedom when it comes to the internet. In a perfect world, you should be able to build whatever you want using any tools you like before putting the finished product online to be found as easily as anything else. A site loaded with cool, relevant content should win out over a bland one that meets a list of Google-pleasing requirements, but this simply isn’t the case anymore.

If you want to dig deeper, head over to Wunsch’s post for much more detail.

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