Gilt Competitor Ideeli Gets Cash, Press

Red-hot New York start-up Gilt Groupe now has some well-funded and well-advertised competition: Ideeli, which just raised $3.8 million from Kodiak Ventures and others and received a long write-up in the New York Times.

Both sites offer discount luxury goods in members-only, “while supplies last” sample sales. Both are by invitation only. Both appear to be buried in high-quality inventory this month as sales weaken in regular retail channels.

There are presumably differences between the two sites (beyond the relative hair quotient of the CEOs–Ideeli’s Paul Hurley above left and Gilt’s Alexis Maybank above right- -and the fact that Gilt’s Series A was $5 million vs. ideeli’s $3.8). Perhaps the companies and/or their customers can weigh in.

Credit: Paul Hurley photo: New York Times
Disclosure: SAI Chairman Kevin Ryan is a Gilt co-founder and investor.

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