Meet the 'Gilmore Girls' expert who has kept the show's intense fandom alive

Grab a cup of coffee or a box of day-old Chinese take-out, because the Gilmore girls are back in town. And no one knows that better than the Gilmore Guys.

On November 25, Netflix will release four new episodes, each 90 minutes long, of the beloved comedy-drama that follows a young, witty mother and her intelligent daughter. The girls were best friends on television from 2000 to 2007, on the WB and CW networks. It sat alongside other teen favourites like “One Tree Hill,” and eventually the spooky long-running “Supernatural” series.

But “Gilmore Girls” has persisted unlike any of its peers. It’s a living, breathing, unstoppable organism.

These days, fans of the residents of cosy Stars Hollow have been following along, episode by episode, with the “Gilmore Guys” podcast. Two friends, Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, talk each week about a different “Gilmore Girls” episode, often with special guests. Occasionally, you’ll even get to hear them talk with cast and crew of the show, including Scott Patterson, who plays Luke Danes, or Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jess Mariano.

The premise: Porter grew up watching the series during its original run and totally loved it, but Adejuyigbe has never seen the episodes before. Their powers combined, they aim to entertain listeners with their sometimes wildly differing opinions on the show. In the beginning, Adejuyigbe didn’t quite know what he was getting into.

“I figured I’d probably like the show,” Adejuyigbe recently told Business Insider, “but I had no idea how strong this fan base was going to be.”

The podcast, which is almost two years old, gets tons of fan interaction, since “Gilmore Girls” fans tend to still be deeply nostalgic for the show. Rory’s love life is probably one of the most contentious issues that divides fans. In fact, each time the Guys bring on a guest, they make sure to ask them which side they’re on: Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan.

“That was the biggest thing that could’ve been treacherous,” Adejuyigbe said. He didn’t like Jess at all to start. And the fans let him have it. “People just needed to give me time to watch him over the next four seasons!”

In addition to navigating the potential pitfalls of angering fans, Adejuyigbe and Porter have been trying to avoid any spoilers, or details, from the upcoming revival episodes.

That Netflix revival, as it happens, was announced after the podcast became popular. Some listeners have even speculated that Netflix heard the siren call of hungry fans.

“I’m worried about the next two months. I don’t want to see anything until I hit ‘play’ on November 25,” Adejuyigbe said. “We want to watch it the same way anyone else would.”

He’ll be busy over the next couple of months, anyways. Even though fans of the podcast constantly send the duo casting announcements or leaked set photos over Twitter, they’re also taking their show on the road. Though they have recorded live episodes of the podcast before, “Gilmore Guys” is going on a mini-tour of six cities as they wrap up the last season of “Gilmore Girls.”

“It’s always really nice to have a live audience,” Adejuyigbe said. “We know they already like us. We’ve won. Now we just need to not be mean.”

He’ll also be able to pass the time until late November by watching episodes of NBC’s “The Good Place,” a new sitcom starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell that he writes for.

“I grew up on that block of [comedy] television during high school and college,” Adejuyigbe said. “Watching ‘Community,’ ’30 Rock,’ ‘The Office,’ and ‘Parks and Rec.’ But then they all started going away, one by one. I’m really excited to see a show from [Michael] Schur come back to TV.”

The Good Place,” which premieres on September 19, feels like the NBC sitcoms of yesteryear. In it, Kristen Bell’s character wakes up in “the good place” after she was hit by a huge truck; however, she quickly realises Ted Danson’s character has confused her with someone else who was a far better person than she was during her time on earth.

Justin Lubin/NBCFrom left, Kristen Bell as Eleanor, and Ted Danson as Michael.

This is Adejuyigbe’s sitcom-writing debut (he previously worked on “@ Midnight,” the Comedy Central game show). The most exciting part of the job for him so far was being on set for the episode he wrote.

“It felt nuts and surreal,” he said. “I was just so excited, and I tried to stay out of the way.”

He hasn’t even seen all the episodes of the show yet, as people can be writing during the same time as production and shooting of a different episode.

“I can’t wait for people to fall in love with William Jackson Harper, or Jameela Jamil, or D’arcy Carden. They’re all incredibly funny. It’s kind of a whole cast of Chris Pratts from ‘Parks and Rec.'”

And being so critical of a well-known show like “Gilmore Girls” has affected Adejuyigbe’s writing process a little bit. 

“There are certain things, or tropes, that I realise I hate, so I make sure I never include that in what I write,” he told us. “I have to be worried that when I write something, that same sort of criticism could come back at me tenfold. It’s helpful, but risky.”

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