Gillette Is Probably The Next Tiger Woods Endorser To Quit

Tiger Woods Gilette TBI

Accenture was the first Tiger Woods sponsor to go, and Gillette will probably next according to Rosabeth Moss Kanter at the Harvard Business School:

I have no insider information about what Gillette will do next, just a guess. From my in-depth research on its corporate parent Procter & Gamble (P&G) and conversations with chairman and CEO Bob McDonald, I predict that Tiger Woods will not reappear. P&G takes its values very seriously. McDonald has said publicly that representing the company extends to ethical private conduct off the job, not just compliance during work hours.

P&G brand guardians should be glad P&G invented Mr. Clean. A cartoon spokesperson doesn’t have a personal life involving ethical dilemmas. Mr. Clean eliminates messes rather than getting into them. And Mr. Clean speaks to consumers about what his product does for them, rather than how many tournaments he wins. That kind of communication about value and values could be the post-Tiger tiger to catch.

Kanter’s whole post about the decline of celebrity endorsement is worth a read >>

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