Gilette's 'How To Shave Your Groin' Goes Viral

 Ad Age Digital  DigitalNext  MediaWorks What is it about the “hair down there”? Philips found viral success with its “Shave Everywhere” videos, and this week’s Viral Video Chart finds Gillette making its debut at No. 3 with a how-to video about how to groom the more manly parts of the body.

Interestingly, E-Trade’s talking baby is back on the chart after a multiple-week absence. Why? As Visible Measures, which compiles the data for the chart, explained, it’s the result of a concept called “viral activation.” E-Trade and ABC ran a promotion for the show “Un-Broke,” which triggered related clips, several of which were the talking-baby spots. And, voila — there it is, back on the chart.

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