Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Finally Sells DC Mansion For $2.8 Million After Removing A Giant Shark Tank

Gilbert arenas Martinez, Getty ImagesArenas finally sold his house, for almost $US1 million less than his original asking price.

Gilbert Arenas hasn’t played for the Washington Wizards since 2010, but he just sold his house in D.C. for $US2.5 million, according to

Arenas put the house on the market two years ago for $US3.5 million, and the home would just not sell. Since the house first went on sale, it has seen some renovations, like the removal of a giant built-in shark tank in one of the rooms.

The house has 7 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, a gym, and a movie theatre. Perhaps the best part of the property is the backyard which has a pool with a slide and a grotto with a full wet bar.

The before and after picture of the fish tank. It must not have been a big selling point...

The outdoor space is gorgeous.

A full view of the pool.

Inside the grotto there's a hot tub and a full bar.

The driveway is gated.

A view of the brick house from the street.

Space for a gym.

The grand entrance way.

There are a lot of chandeliers throughout the house.

The master bathroom's shower looks amazing.

The main kitchen, there are two.

The other smaller kitchen.

A sun room with a view of the pool.

Of course, a movie theatre.

There are also a lot of fireplaces throughout the home.

Wonder what he'll spend the $2.8 million on

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