Gilbert Arenas Is Selling His Tricked Out House In DC For $3.5 Million

gilbert arenas house

Gilbert Arenas left the Washington Wizards more than two years ago but he is just selling his awesome home in DC now for $3.5 million, according to the listing (via Deadspin).

Arenas’ house is stacked with amenities.

Inside, there are several giant aquariums filled with tropical fish, a movie room, a gym, and a large game room.

Outside, there is a grotto complete with a fire pit and a bar. And of course there’s a pool, with a slide.

Here's the front porch, let's go inside...

Fish tank number one in the entrance way

The kitchen is giant

As is the master bathroom.

Fish tank #2

The movie theatre

And the game room

Here's the gym

Let's go outside.

This is the grotto

Complete with a wet bar

And a hot tub

There's the pool, the slide is through that stone structure

And of course a full outdoor kitchen

But let's be honest. All anyone cares about is the Olympics right now

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