REVEALED: What It's Like To Be A Hooker And Other Crazy Jobs

Gig: Americans Talk

Bounty hunters lead fascinating lives. When you get down to it, so do taxidermists, flight attendants, porn stars, Hallmark gift shop saleswomen and CEOs.

This is the premise of a new book, Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs

. Editors John Bowe, Marisa Bowe and Sabine Streeter listen closely to the stories of workers of all kinds.

We picked out a few of our favourites.

LeAnn is in Pineville, Kentucky in her fifth summer of highway work. Her uncle was the chief district engineer, her cousin the foreman of the crew. Her mum is the timekeeper and secretary in the office, and her dad the equipment inspector for the district. It was in her blood.

She has cleared rocks off roads, cleaned out ditches and dug them, as well as picking up litter and lawn mowing, but most of the time, she is a flag waver.

As the first girl on the team, she weathered the cat-calls and disrespect, and now credits the work for a new-found confidence.

In college, she studies psychology, with a minor in social work. She plans to work as a counselor in prisons. She thinks working with violent felons could be 'really cool.'

Summary based on interview in Gig.

Ambition, organizational skills, and ruthless pursuit of the sale -- and tolerance for a vast amount of blood, of course -- are why Neal is the man to beat when it comes to crime scene clean-up. Suicides, meth labs gone wrong, and accidental deaths are also his domain, but crime scenes are the bread and butter. When Johnny blows his brains out in your house, you are responsible for the clean-up, not the police. Health regulations and penalties will apply.

Neal mastered the trade from the ground up and then went national. If anyone dies, at, say, a Motel 6 (or Denny's, Coco's, Safeway, Von's, and, now, any Westin St. Francis Hotel), he is the man they call. Temps on-call all over the country are ready and waiting to be dispatched in a matter of hours.

Next stop: toxic spill sites: it is the next frontier and he is going to die rich.

Summary based on interview in Gig.

Sandy spent six years in Human Resources for a department store, had kids and raised them, and went looking for work. She took the first HR job she found, at the local slaughterhouse, a beef processing plant. She had no idea what she was getting into.

Work is a desperate search for the 270 people, minimum, that the plant requires, when the typical worker lasts days or weeks at most. She hires, trains, and tries to keep happy those she does find to do work which includes stunning, hanging, and killing the animals, then making use of every single part of it.

Sandy just bought a new car and her husband asks her to park it as far away from the building as possible. Neither wants another one of their cars to smell permanently of death.

Summary based on interview in Gig.

Brad has been in sex since he was seventeen, and he's 33 now. He danced, posed for Playgirl (which put him through college where he studied art and architecture), eventually, he found film.

He has spent very little time doing anything to anyone he'd rather not. The men can stick around for a good while; there aren't many who can get it up in front of a crowd and keep it up for hours and hours (he says he's lucky to last 15 minutes at home).

It is quality porn. The films have plot, the actors care about acting, and a shoot might last as long as 6 six days. 'It's stuff that you're not afraid to bring home to your wife and say, 'Let's watch.' Plenty of anal, facials, but it's not usually degrading to women. As long as she's moderately open-minded, she can definitely view. It's an upscale place.'

Brad serves a greater good. High divorce rates and deeply dissatisfied men are everywhere. He makes the films they can bring home to spice it up or teach a new trick. Failing that, they provide options other than cheating.

'It's very rewarding.'

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