16 Extravagant Gifts You Can't Wrap

What do you give the person who has everything? A life changing experience, of course.

To help you think outside the box this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of gifts you can’t wrap, ranging from the practical — like buying someone a professional apartment cleaning — to the extravagant — like booking a seat on Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flight for a cool $US250,000.

We also looked for some of the best adventures you can get around the globe, like swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas or climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. They’re listed here in increasing order of extravagance.

A professional apartment cleaning is great for the less-than-tidy.

Who doesn't love coming home to a nice, clean space? For the apartment dweller who's let their housekeeping go for the majority of the year, schedule a professional cleaning for them from somewhere like Urban Maid Green.

The best part of this company is they use all natural cleaning products to limit the amount of toxic residue in your home.

Pamper a fashion-forward friend with a personal shopper.

Also known as a personal stylist, these professionals aren't just for sartorial old ladies. Since the luxury menswear market is growing faster than women's, even guys like a professional's opinion when it comes to dressing as dapper as possible.

Check out Nordstrom, Topman, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks or Neiman Marcus to make an appointment.

Give the gift of knowledge by signing up for a class.

Dozens of regional schools are opening in Italy to take advantage of increasing interest in 'gastro tourism.' The best part is, they're usually taught by chefs who've grown up and worked in the region, and can be a fun surprise on a special trip.

If you want to polish your kitchen skills, why not learn from the masters, like Elena Mattei, a Florence native who ran a restaurant for years before starting Cucina con Vista where she offers classes that you can book for up to a week at a time.

A distillery tour makes for a refined gift.

Take a tour of The Balvenie Distillery in Scotland if you're up for a real bit of gastro tourism. Balvenie is routinely listed as a manufacturer of some of the best single malt scotch whiskey in the world.

For the scotch lover in your life, this tour of old-school floor malting will be the experience of a lifetime. As part of the tour, you get to meet the craftsmen as well as nose and taste some of the finest malts available.

You can substitute this gift idea with a brewery tour or wine tasting, depending on your receiver's taste in libations.

Take a sports nut to see a live game.

It's not too late to get tickets for the sporting event of all sporting events. VIP tickets to Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey are still available.

Even if your team doesn't make it to the big game, you'll still be getting to see the biggest sporting event of the year first-hand, plus enjoy the halftime concert. This year, Bruno Mars headlines the show.

A relaxing stay at a bed and breakfast is a great couple's gift.

When you stay at the Beltane Ranch in Sonoma Valley wine country in California, you'll take up residence at a bed and breakfast on a working ranch.

Not only do you get a room with a view -- in all directions, thanks to the wrap-around porch -- but it's also a tasting adventure. You can chow down on eggs from Beltane Hens in the morning then enjoy grass-fed beef from the ranch for dinner. There's also a winery on the grounds.

A spa retreat will rejuvenate anyone.

Don't book just any spa stay as a holiday gift. Make it unique. The
Pearl Spa at the Delano Marrakech in Morocco is an underground, all-inclusive pampering experience.

It's 20,000 square feet, including private hammam-style steam rooms, a glowing alcove with an 80-foot-deep pool and soothing Arabian nights decor.

Broaden someone's horizons with a cruise to an unusual destination.

Take an intimate cruise through the Indonesian archipelago. The seven-night Aman Resorts Komodo Expedition cruise takes you to the island of Komodo on a custom-built 100-foot Amanikan, which resembles an early spice-trading vessel.

You can see Komodo dragons, the world's largest lizards, in addition to going on jungle treks, snorkel or relax in the spa.

Grab a timeshare in a plane for the world traveller in your life.

Having partial ownership of an aeroplane is the perfect gift for the frequent flyer. You get all the benefits of deciding when to leave and where to go at the drop of a hat, while remaining unburdened from maintenance, government regulations and other full ownership concerns.

Places like NetJets, Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association and Certified Flyers Cirrus offer fractional plane ownership programs.

A balloon ride offers a whole new perspective on the world.

Taking a hot air balloon ride from Gstaad, Switzerland, offers stunning views of the snow-capped Swiss Alps. You fly just above their summits.

Alpine Ballooning has a team of experienced mountain pilots that fly for only three weeks between January and February. The company was ranked as one of the top 10 hot air balloon rides in the world, according to Frommers, the famed guidebook series.

Thrill seekers will enjoy skydiving.

When you skydive over one of the Hawaiian islands, you can see the whole island as you fall from the plane. In addition to the rush of the dive, that makes for a great view all the way down.

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is also a great adventure gift.

Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge is an adventure and a workout.

Plus, it comes with some serious bragging rights: The bridge is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world, measuring 440 feet from the apex to the water.

Swimming with dolphins is a great family experience.

Atlantis Resorts in the Bahamas has one of the largest dolphin habitats in the world.

You can either play with the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in shallow water, go for a deep-water swim with an underwater scooter or sign up to be a trainer for a day, feeding and taking care of the dolphins throughout their day.

Flying to outer space is the gift for trendsetters who are always ahead of the curve.

Book a flight to space for only $US250,000 on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. It hasn't launched yet, but earlier this fall Branson said he wanted to launch before the end of 2013.

Seven hundred tickets have already been sold and once you buy you're ticket, you've bought yourself a ticket to dozens of exclusive future space traveller parties Branson throws, on Necker Island among other places, while waiting to launch the first galactic flight. Space flights will last three hours at a time.

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