The Clusterstock Gift Guide For Wall Street Procrastinators

You work on Wall Street. You’re most likely busy making money or ensuring other people make more money.

You also might be thinking, “Why is there a tall, brightly lit tree right outside my office window?”

Well, that’s because Christmas is this Friday!

You’ve been too preoccupied on the Street to buy gifts for any of your close relatives and friends. Maybe, you have a significant other. Maybe you have seven mistresses. No matter how you put it, these people will not look at you the same when you show up to their door without gifts that tell of your salary.

Not to worry though because there are some notable stores around the Street that can save you from a guilt trip. You could just stop by La Maison Du Chocolat for a nice assortment of chocolates and truffles, or pick up a little blue box from Tiffany’s nearby.

Here is the gift guide that will save you time (and save your neck) >
And, yes, we’ve checked it twice.

Working On The Street

So this is where you work. Whether or not you make millions, your friends and family probably assume you do. Better buy them some great gifts to prove your worth...

Image: The Business Insider

Hermes Wall Street

While not technically on Wall Street, this Hermes store is located on the corner of Broad St. and Exchange Pl., within a block of the NYSE.

Let's see what items they have shall we?

Image: The Business Insider

Hermes Tie For Children- $115, Hermes Tie- Starts At $170

Ties from Hermes aren't a bad choice either. If you want your 5-year old nephew to dress better than your brother-in-law, pick up a cute children's tie for $115.

If you happen to like your brother-in-law, ties for adults start at $170.

Image: Hermes

Hermes Belt- $570

Rather than attempting to describe this belt, here's a description from the Hermes site:

'32 mm reversible leather strap in Black/Gold, Box/Togo calfskin (width : 1.25) & 5382 buckle, silver and palladium plated'

Image: Hermes

Horse Saddle by Hermes- $5,900

In the Hermes Wall Street location, we saw a horse saddle running for $5,900. The one pictured here runs for $6,100 on an outside site.

If you have a horse-back riding friend, this would make the perfect gift. Plus, you can save $200 by buying directly from Hermes.

Image: DoverSaddlery

Christmas Tree

Once you leave Hermes, you'll see this giant, vibrant tree. It just serves as a reminder for the rush that is last-minute Christmas shopping.

More to do though, so let's walk up Broad St. and take a right (east) back onto Wall St.

Image: The Business Insider

Carolers On Wall St.

Carolers are everywhere this time of year so it's no surprise to see them here.

I wonder why they chose to wear those matching scarves though...

Image: The Business Insider

Tiffany & Co.

As if the Tiffany's brand doesn't bring in enough business, the high-end jewerly shop hired carolers to attract more attention to their store.

Image: The Business Insider

Tiffany's Interior

Once you walk into the store, you'll turn into a kid again where shiny things clog up your attention span.

Image: The Business Insider

A Line For Personal Assistance At Tiffany's

There was a line for personal assistance in the back of the first floor.

Although the wait wasn't too long, a sales rep says that Christmas Eve will be a mad house.

Image: The Business Insider

Tiffany's Necklace- $1,000

Perfect for taking the next step in that relationship.

While you'll need more than pocket change for this 'Tiffany Solitaire Diamond pendant,' the $1K figure is significantly lower than the price of an engagement ring.

Apparently, the Tiffany & Co. Wall Street location is holding a $350,000 ring.

Image: Tiffany

Tiffany's Emerald And Diamond Necklace- $350,000

Speaking of $350,000, how about this gem? Here's the description from their website:

'Poetry in motion. Bead necklace of emeralds and round brilliant diamonds on platinum clasp.'

Image: Tiffany

Tiffany's Rings

If you ARE ready to get that engagement ring, don't be afraid to head upstairs where more people are available to give assistance.

Image: The Business Insider

Cipriani Wall Street

If you don't need anything from Tiffany's, then maybe something at Cipriani's would do the trick.

True, you could try to work out a deal for one of their residences, but let's be realistic here.

Image: Cipriani

Dinner At Cipriani Restaurant- $100- $800

The restaurant at Cipriani Wall Street is a great place to take your date out for a nice dinner. But you're supposed to be buying gifts for others, not yourself!

The concierge recommends getting a $100 gift certificate for the couple that doesn't order drinks and $200 for those that want a nice bottle of wine.

For your 'baller' friends- Yes, they do have Cristal and it runs for $610. The most expensive red is $485, and the top-shelf dessert wine goes for $700.

Image: Cipriani

Cipriani Club 55- $2,500/yr

Think gift cards are lame and make for a dull present? Then get them a membership to Club 55.

For $2,500/yr, club members have complete access to all the services and amenities of the 55 Wall Street club. Some of these perks include a barber shop (pictured), shoe shine, private dining room, full service spa, etc.

Hours are from 7 am- 11 pm.

Image: Cipriani

La Maison Du Chocolat

Walk down a little bit further on Wall St. and you'll hit La Maison Du Chocolat.

Our advice? If they offer you a free sample, take it!

Image: The Business Insider

The Interior

It's not the biggest place, but since opening last November 2008, their business has since doubled.

To account for the extra business, this location has extended their closing time to 8 pm on the 23rd and until 5 pm on Christmas Eve.

Image: LaMaisonDuChocolat

This isn't your ordinary box of chocolates. At $57 you get 20 different pieces of chocolate that are 'presented in the correct order of tasting.'

Also, be sure to enjoy these tiny pieces of heaven with non-sparkling mineral water and not milk.

Image: LaMaisonDuChocolat

Plain Truffles- $43+

The delicate truffles at La Maison Du Chocolat are also another popular item. Starting at $43 you can get 28 Plain Truffles.

Description: 'Dusted with cocoa powder, the dark couverture protects a delicately creamy, smooth truffle mousse.'

Image: LaMaisonDuChocolat

2010 BMW Alpina B7- $137,875

Or the Alpina B7?

Image: BMW

Equinox On Wall St.

One last place to try that you might not have thought about- Equinox Spa.

Located on Wall Street right across from the NYSE, this seems to be the only place on Wall St. where you can get the spa treatment without having to sign up for a membership.

Turn around and head west towards Broadway to see what they have to offer.

Image: Equinox

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