18 Gifts Every Young Professional Guy Would Love

It’s hard easing into the real world, whether you’re working for a big corporation or a small startup.

That’s why the young men in your life need a bit of guidance, as well as the accessories, gadgets, and tools to help them not only transition, but transition with style.

From a keychain breathalyzer (don’t get drunk at the office holiday party!) to a deluxe shaving kit, here are 18 gifts every young professional will thank you for.

Salt shot glasses will kill the taste of tequila -- fast.

These fun, unique shot glasses are a huge hit at parties. They're made of salt, but last for a while (as long as you don't soak them) and instantly kill the taste of tequila with a lick.

Just be warned -- they aren't permanent.

Buy it: $US30

Buy him a quality gym bag for his workouts.

For hitting the gym, every guy needs a durable and good-looking duffel.

This weekender-style bag from Herschel Supply Co. Tough has a polyester shell and leather straps. It looks nice enough for the office while still being low key enough for all of his dirty, sweaty gym stuff.

Buy it: $US79

Birchbox delivers high-quality grooming samples and accessories.

When it comes to hair and skincare products, some men just don't know what to buy or how to use it.

A subscription to Birchbox will fix that. The subscription service delivers high-end beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples to the recipient's doorstep every month.

Buy it: starting at $US60/3 month subscription

Make sure he never loses anything again with a Bluetooth tracking tag.

If he's always losing his keys or phone, give him this Bluetooth tracking tag. He simply secures it to his keys (or iPad, remote, wallet, etc) and then he can use the phone app to find whatever is lost.

And if he lost his phone but has the tracker? All he needs to do is touch the device's alert button to locate it, fast.

Buy it: $US40

Keep his home smelling good with a nice candle.

If he just moved into a new place, a candle can make it feel a lot more like home. Get your young professional a masculine candle like this black, three-wick candle from Calvin Klein.

It will also impress any romantic interests he brings home.

Buy it: $US35

Amp up his wardrobe with colourful and creative socks.

Regular black and white socks are just so boring. Liven up the wardrobe of the young professional in your life with some awesome socks instead.

Sock Fancy is a subscription service that sends cool pairs of socks every month that come in all types of different patterns and colours. If he doesn't like them, he can always exchange for another pair.

Buy it: $US44/4 month subscription

Help him become an expert bartender with this tool.

Get the young professional in your life the perfect drinking companion -- a cocktail army-knife-style tool.

This one has a bottle opener, channel knife, corkscrew, jigger, knife, muddler, reamer, stirrer, strainer and zester for all his bar needs.

Buy it: $US30

Give him a smartphone-compatible keychain breathalyzer.

Being a young professional guy probably means he's going to a lot of parties.

Whether it's to prevent drunk driving or to use at the company happy hour to make sure he doesn't go overboard, the BACtrack Vio works with a smartphone to tell him his BAC levels.

Buy it: $US43

For when he doesn't have time to cook, give the gift of grilled cheese.

For those who don't like to cook or are staying late at the office, these pouches are perfect for making grilled cheese.

They require no grilling, no pan, and no flipping. Instead, just place the sandwich in the bag (it's heat resistant and non-stick) and put it in a toaster. Plus, these can be reused up to 50 times.

Buy it: $US9.99 for three

Make his workout better with an awesome pair of headphones.

Called The Dash, your young professional will love these wireless head phones for their versatility.

Not only can he listen to music with or without his phone, but he can also use them as a Bluetooth, track his fitness, cancel outside noise, or allow audio transparency (which is perfect for outdoor runners and cyclers who need to hear traffic).

Buy it: preorder here for $US300

Give him rock glasses etched with his new city.

Many young professionals are moving to a new city, so give them a set of these cool glasses that have etched maps of America's biggest hubs.

There are 19 cities to choose from spanning 12 states, including New York City, LA, Miami, and Columbus, Ohio.

Buy it: $US12.50/per glass

Keep his Instagram game on point with these nifty iPhone lenses.

To photograph all of his new adventures, get him a three-in-one lens set for smartphones.

It has carrying case that holds a fish-eye lens, wide-angle lens, and a macro lens, plus a secure clip ring to keep them safely attached to his device.

Buy it: $US23

Get him a shoe shine kitso his dress shoes always look great.

To stay spiffy at work, every young professional should buy a shoe shine kit to keep their dress shoes looking like new.

This Rochester Shoe Tree Company shoe care kit has black, brown, and neutral polish, two horsehair daubers, a polishing cloth, and a horsehair brush. His shoes will look as shiny as when he bought them.

Buy it: $US110

For all his cooking needs, this lift-up apron has the answer.

This clever apron will have all his cooking questions on it -- and all he needs to do is look down.

With advice like measurement, cooking times, roasting times, techniques, and gauging the 'doneness' of steak, this apron's hem is filled with useful tips.

Buy it: $US23

Keep him organised with a tie rack.

To keep all of his ties, belts, and scarves at the ready, buy him a compact tie rack organiser for his closet.

This sturdy option clips the ties and belts in place so they're secure. It also swivels so he can always find the perfect tie in a snap.

Buy it: $US17

Present him with a place to keep all his cash.

Instead of a classic wallet, buy a leather magic wallet. The quality leather will look nice while the magic of suddenly having cash strapped in will blow his mind (Bonus: throw in a five dollar bill to show him how it works).

Plus, it fits easily into slim-fitting jeans or dress pants.

Buy it: $US35

Make sure he shaves well with a deluxe shaving kit.

Shaving doesn't have to be a boring routine, even when it happens every day. Buy him this perfect shave kit with oil, cream, shave balm, and a brush that is also perfect for travel.

It has essential oils for sensitive skin, ingrown hair, razor burn, and tough beards, and are also hypoallergenic and free of alcohol.

Buy it: $US60

Keep his shoes looking excellent with shoe trees.

Quality dress shoes are expensive, but they can last for decades, especially if they are cared for properly.

Get the young professional guy in your life a pair of quality cedar shoe trees. They will soak up moisture, keep odor at bay, and keep your shoes in tip-top shape.

Buy it: $US30

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