18 Perfect Gifts For The World Traveller

Travelling can be incredibly stressful, especially during the holidays.

Getting patted down at security, dealing with flight delays, waiting in endless lines, and fighting over power outlets — sometimes it can be a bit too much to handle.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, these fun gifts are sure to make any trip a bit nicer.

From NASA-designed products made to alleviate jet lag to ingenious packing cubes, these are some of the best things to give your favourite jet-setter.

Block out the noise on flights with these amazing noise-cancelling headphones.

Every traveller needs a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones, because they will surely get stuck on a flight with a crying baby from time to time.

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones aren't technically noise cancelling headphones, but they effectively block out any noises and have exceptional sound quality.

Plus, they are extremely portable and can fold up easily.

Price: $US159

Help them nap in public with the Ostrich Pillow light.

We've all seen the Ostrich Pillow, that bizarre thing that you slide your head into to help you take nap in public places.

Well, the team behind the Ostrich Pillow made something called an Ostrich Pillow light, which is actually is actually perfect for travellers stuck in a long flight.

It isn't much bigger than a sleep mask, but it not only covers your eyes, it also works as a pillow. It blocks out light, but doesn't completely remove you from your surrounding in the way that the full Ostrich Pillow does. And when you're not wearing it, you can put it around you neck and it looks just like a scarf.

It's a perfect way to nap on a plane, without feeling too silly.

Price: $US45

Keep them organised with Tummi packing cubes.

Tummi packing cubes are absolutely essential for packing in a small suitcase.

Instead of folding clothes, you can just roll them up and put them into the cubes. It saves a lot of space, keeps your clothes organised, and makes them less wrinkled.

Pro tip: putting dryer sheets in suitcases while travelling helps keeps clothes static free and makes them smell amazing.

Price: $US45

Take DSLR quality pictures on an iPhone with this adaptor.

This is perfect for the traveller who doesn't want to lug around a heavy DSLR camera but still wants to be able to take amazing photos.

Just attach the 12x optical lens to the hard shell case to take DSLR quality photos. It even comes with a tripod for a steady shot.

When finished, it fits neatly back inside the drawstring carrying bag.

Price: $US38

Make sure they can take a comfortable nap with Muji's neck pillow.

Most travel pillows are anything but soft; they usually are coarse, bulky, and a total hassle to carry around.

But Muji, the Japanese retail company that has really perfected the art of making travel accessories, has a soft and amazing pillow that you won't have to worry about carrying around.

The pillow is filled with microbeans that fit to your individual body shape, and the cover is removable so it's easy to wash.

Plus, when you're walking around the airport you can just hook the pillow onto your luggage.

Price: $US24

Personalise their passport holder.

This handmade Italian leather passport holder is perfect for any world traveller.

It can carry almost anything you need: passport, 10 credit cards, cash, boarding pass and different papers. It even has room for an iPhone.

The wallet is hand stitched with waxed threads from full grain premium Italian leather, the edges are hand burnished and polished with beeswax, and it promises to 'last a lifetime.'

It can be personalised with up to 10 letters.

Price: $US59 +

Give them the 'Golden Ticket' for travelling.

Everyone hates waiting in line at airport security, but with Clear you can avoid lines altogether.

At participating airports, Clear members can bypass security lines and simply scan their fingerprints on a screen to get through security. Of course, they have to be approved in advance but the approval process is simple.

Clear promises to get members through security in less than 5 minutes.

$US179 a year.

Help them pack light with a lightweight carry on.

The Rimowa Salsa Air Carry On Bag is one of the lightest carry on bags out there, at just over four pounds. It is made out of polycarbonate material, which is lighter and more durable than aluminium.

Plus, the four dual-sided wheels make it a breeze to push around.

Price: $US475

This carryall bag is lightweight, waterproof, and stylish.

Herschel Supply Co. has designed a bunch of different duffel bags for travellers. The Bowen Travel Duffle is the perfect bag for a short trip.

It has two mesh compartments to keep a traveller organised, as well as a removable shoulder strap, and waterproof main zipper that will keep your belongings dry.

Plus, the tote is incredibly lightweight and durable.

Price: $US90

Luggage tags can make a statement too.

Make sure travellers can identify their luggage with this luggage tag from Ted Baker.

This tag features Ted Baker's signature brogue detailing and an encouraging embossed message. The back also has a PVC wallet with a faded vintage image and space to write your personal details.

Price: $US25

Give them the ability to play their favourite music anywhere.

These waterproof speakers are the perfect gift for any traveller who wants to play music on the go.

Ultimate Ears Wireless Speakers are shaped like a pill and offer 360-degree sound. The speakers are great for use outdoors and can even be used as alarm clocks.

Plus, they come in a great selection of different colours and limited-edition designs.

Price: $US199

Help them beat jet lag with these NASA-designed light bulbs.

Jet lag is quite possibly the worst part of travelling. But there are ways to beat it.

Enter the Awake and Alert lightbulb. Originally designed to help NASA astronauts on the International Space Station be more alert, this lightbulb claims to be able to help you wake up refreshed and alert.

The Awake and Alert encourages the body to get energized in the morning and also helps to alleviate time zone disruptions (thus, helping with jet lag).

Price: $US70

Get them this sleek carryall wool felt organiser.

This carryall organiser fits laptops, tablets, smartphones, notebooks, and books.

Made from 100% wool felt, this well-constructed accessory keeps all of your gadgets easily accessible and organised. The hand-dyed leather clasp makes sure everything is secured.

Price: $US94

Inspire them to travel with this amazing book.

This National Geographic travel book highlights more than 225 cities worldwide, and would make a great gift for any urban explorer.

It showcases great cities like Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo, but also focuses on up-and-coming cities like Asheville, Denver, and Abu Dhabi. The volume is a mix of information, stunning images, inspirational personal narratives, and local tips and secrets.

Price: $US25

Make sure they document their journey with this Moleskine notebook.

Every traveller needs a good notebook to scribble down thoughts and document memorable experiences. And when it comes to notebooks, Moleskine is by far the best.

The company has stuck with the same notebook design for years. It's a classic.

Price: $US13

Give them the Swiss Army Knife of adapters.

Designed to look like a pocket knife, this utility tool has everything.

It features smart-sync technology to charge a smartphone quickly while simultaneously syncing it with computers for sharing music, photos and videos. It works with most smartphones and most micro and mini-USB devices.

Price: $US59

A portable charger will keep their electronics working on the go.

Because there is nothing worse than having a phone die in a foreign country. This sleek and powerful rechargeable power card will make sure your traveller never has to deal with a dead batter again.

It would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the traveller that is always on the go.

Price: $US35

Get them a clever way to document the places they've been.

This map helps travellers keep track of all the exciting place they have been.

Travellers simply scratch off the countries they have traveled to, and watch as different colours appear.

Price: $US20

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