11 gifts for the crafty home cook

Being a home cook should be fun.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best gadgets, gizmos, and craft items for maximum kitchen enjoyment.

From an easy early-morning method of preparing avocados to a late-night snack (that you can make yourself), here are the best gifts for a crafty home cook.

Turn cooking into a foolproof science.

The Anova precision cooker makes sous vide cooking look so very cool.

Instead of dirtying a skillet and wondering if food is prepared right, sous vide uses precisely heated water to cook vacuum-sealed food.

Anova's device connects to Bluetooth and WiFi so the user can begin cooking whenever and wherever he or she wants. Since the temperature stays constant and exact, the food will be perfectly prepared every time.

Never overcook chicken again for $US179.

Reinvent the way avocados are prepared.

Williams Sonoma

Stop dirtying a knife and spoon (and maybe more) just to make guacamole.

This 4-in-1 tool helps your favourite cook slice open an avocado, extract the pit, slice the fruit, and smash it into deliciousness.

Save water and precious guac energy for just $US15.95.

Give the Keurig of beer.


The Pico, from Picobrew, uses Keurig-like pods to make delicious craft beer.

Place a pod, or PicoPak, into the machine to brew for about two hours. After it has time to ferment in a keg for a couple weeks, it then carbonates overnight and is ready to be enjoyed.

Picobrew has over 400 breweries signed up. If your giftee wants more PicoPaks, they can simply order new ones from each brewer.

Start brewing for $US499.

Strip corn effortlessly.


Save your friend's fingers from knife danger with this OXO corn stripper.

Similar in shape and size to a computer mouse, the device can bite off each kernel with ease.

The loose kernels are then saved inside the device for later cooking.

Grab it for $US13.99.

Make bottle-opening a beautiful experience.

Belle-V Kitchen

Sure, you can buy a rinky-dink bottle opener for a buck anywhere.

But what if instead you got someone an award-winning bottle opener that was named one of the best designed products of the year?

The Belle-V opener is made of stainless steel and comes with its own carrying pouch.

It's $US50 on Belle-V's website.

Combine life's two wonders: whiskey and caramel.

Hot Cakes

Rye whiskey + caramel sauce = instant gratitude.

We're not sure that equation is mathematically sound, but our taste buds have never led us astray. The 10-ounce bottle of sauce is perfect for ice cream sundaes, waffles, fruit, and hot toddies.

Live the sweet life for $US18.

Condense weight and volume for easier measurement.


Instead of shelling out money on a separate measuring cup and scale, this measuring cup from Taylor has sensors in the bottom to provide a digital weight read-out on the handle.

Grab it here for $US37.95.

It's not insulting if the soap is made of steel.

Uncommon Goods

This stainless steel soap can help your cook get rid of those stubborn smells that just won't go away.

Simply run the soap under cold water and all those garlicky, oniony odours will vanish into thin air.

Pick it up for $US16.99.

Bring the kombucha brewing process into the kitchen.

Kombucha Brooklyn

If you know someone who enjoys DIY projects and staying uber-trendy, Kombucha Brooklyn would like to sell you a home-brew kombucha kit.

This kit comes with a bottling auto-siphon, a half-gallon glass brewing jar, temperature strip, tea bag, cane sugar, SCOBY culture, and 'very detailed instructions.'

Get to brewing for $US45.

Meals are more fun with a chalkboard table runner.

Uncommon Goods

Give kids and hyperactive adults an outlet to play instead of playing with their food.

This six-foot table runner can be cut into placements, hung on a wall or from the ceiling, or used as-is.

To erase a masterpiece, just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

A banner and chalk set comes in at $US34.

Make ice cream in no time flat.

Williams Sonoma

Save the person on your list a late-night trip to the store with Zoku, a personal ice cream maker.

After concocting an ice cream base, Zoku's pre-chilled, stainless steel bowls can freeze the mixture into ice cream in just a few minutes. All it takes is some careful stirring along the way -- time the person can also spend folding in some chocolate or fruit.

Compete with Ben and Jerry's for $US25.95.

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