20 Gifts For The Movie Fan In Your Life

Movie themed gifts

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Gifting in general is difficult enough, but pinning down the perfect present for a film fanatic is like Mission: Impossible. What do you get someone who has literally seen it all?

Zimbio.com — a top five leader in online entertainment news — scoured the web for the coolest, most unique items that your movie manic (and your wallet).


Few things are as well matched as popcorn and movies, but if you hate the way it gets stuck in your teeth, you might want to try Pipcorn. It's about half the size of normal popcorn, comes in flavours like Lemon Truffle and Rosemary, and is less likely to require post-snack flossing.

Mockingjay 'Hunger Games' Brooch

Maybe you won't be shooting a bow and arrow through the forest like Katniss, but you can wear a Mockingjay pendant like the fearless Hunger Games character. And you don't even have to go shuffling through the Hob to get it.

The 'Feminist Ryan Gosling' Book

The book inspired by the meme inspired by the REAL sexiest star in Hollywood can now be the perfect gift for the lady in your life who unabashedly displays her copy of The Notebook at the front of her DVD home library.

R-Rated Talking 'Ted' Bear

Seth MacFarlane turned a foul-mouthed talking teddy bear into box office gold over the summer in Ted. And now you can own a similarly inappropriate little guy to entertain and offend your guests. The officially licensed talking Ted bear comes in PG and R versions in two sizes: 24-inch (same size as the movie) and 16-inch (the smaller version has a moving mouth).

Cinderella-inspired Beauty Products

It used to be that princess-inspired makeup was only sold at toy stores and consisted of waxy, gross-smelling lip balm. Now it's all grown up thanks to Disney's Cinderella Collection by Sephora. The adult line contains lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, and at least two ways to smell like a princess.

'Hangover' Baby Apron

Impress your friends at your next barbecue by wearing Carlos the Hangover baby while at the grill. This apron is sure to inspire a backyard re-enactment of the movie's best moments, which will make for an even more exciting gathering.

A 'Fantastic' Fox Hat

We could devote a whole gift guide just to the cool Wes Anderson-themed stuff you can find on Etsy, but until they're sold out, our favourite is this knit beanie inspired by The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Dr. Seuss Prints

If you know any little ones who loved The Lorax on the big screen, chances are they'll adore these limited edition prints from the Dr. Seuss book that inspired the movie. The official Seuss store's many prints are tasteful enough to give to a grown-up, too.

'Alice in Wonderland' Heels

You can thank Donatella Versace for crafting these Alice in Wonderland-inspired platform heels. The kicks will definitely set you back, but when Vogue describes something as 'majestic drops of heaven,' you know it'll be worth it.

The Lazy Oaf Batman Collection

UK label Lazy Oaf caught our attention over the summer by releasing its new Batman-inspired line around the same time Dark Knight Rises hit theatres. The label's UK website sells in British pounds, but your card will convert the currency, and they ship globally.

Bane Bandana

Dress up like one of Gotham's scariest villains with the help of this handmade, screen-printed bandana. It will scare kids and keep dust out of your mouth. Unfortunately, it will not help you perfect your menacing Bane impression.

Bella's Bedding

The Twilight franchise came to a close this month, but you can still spend every night sleeping like Bella with this cozy comforter set. Robert Pattinson not included.

A Bill Murray colouring Book

From Groundhog Day to Ghostbusters to Lost in Translation to Zombieland, Bill Murray has become a cinematic national treasure, and now you can give him in the gift of the Thrill Murray 'Coulouring-In Book.'

Yoda Hoodie

Celebrate the announcement of Star Wars 7, stay warm, and look like a Jedi Master with this Yoda hoodie. It even has ears and eyes on the hood. It'll still be fabulous when 900 years old you reach.

Kermit Slippers

These Kermit slippers will keep your feet warm and you'll never, ever lose them because they're neon green. If you're really, really into the Muppets you can also buy a pair of them for your custom-made Muppets Whatnot.

James Bond-Inspired Watch Camera

You could drop upwards of $5,000 on the actual Omega Planet Ocean watch Daniel Craig wears in Skyfall. Or you could buy this much more affordable spywatch with a built-in 1.3 megapixel picture and video camera that looks sort of like its expensive counterpart. The watch/camera is sold by the Spy Museum in Washington, DC, which is currently hosting a 007 villain exhibit.

'Harry Potter' Wand Remote

You might not be able to vanquish evil wizards with this magic wand remote, but changing the channel will be so much more exciting. It has zero buttons -- just learn the appropriate flicks, swishes, and spins to get what you want out of the wand.

Learn About Your Ancestral Lives

Cloud Atlas was a mind-blowing existential analysis of how reincarnated souls could affect the lives of their future incarnations. Now a special someone on your gift list can learn how her ancestors' actions have affected the life she lives thanks to an unprecedented world-wide genealogical project spearheaded by National Geographic called Geno 2.0. The kit comes with everything you need to submit your DNA, which will give you access to an in-depth look at your genealogical history.

Sex Panther Cologne

Now you can smell even better than Anchorman's Brian Fantana, thanks to Firebox.com's Sex Panther cologne. This scent is not illegal in nine countries, like the movie version, and actually smells great (apparently a bit like Old Spice).

'Ghostbusters' Neon Light

Instantly recognisable and able to evoke powerful nostalgia on sight, this 12-inch tall neon Ghostbusters sign could possibly be the coolest thing you could ever put on your desk.

Now that you've seen gifts for movie lovers...

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