36 thoughtful last-minute gifts to give your girlfriend this year — for every budget


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Mejuri’s popular Zodiac Necklace is cool, minimalist, and something she can wear every day. And it’s only $US80. Mejuri

For couples, the holidays are a particularly great gifting opportunity. You know what your partner loves, what small daily annoyances you can solve with a thoughtful gift, and how much they will appreciate knowing the gesture came from you.

Odds are you want to give them something wonderful – whatever your price range is. All you need is a little direction, and a few great options to choose from. Most of these have expedited shipping options so you can still get them in time for the holidays.

Below, you’ll find 36 of the best gifts to give your girlfriend this year.

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A customised map of her favourite place


Custom Map Poster, available on Grafomap, from $US49

Grafomap lets you design custom maps of anywhere in the world – like the first place you met, the best trip you ever took together, or the hometown she couldn’t wait to show you. It’s unique, thoughtful, and pretty inexpensive. You can find the full Insider Picks review here.

A monogrammed jewellery case from an up-and-coming leather startup


Leather Jewellery Case, available on Cuyana, $US115 (+ $US15 for monogram)

Keeping track of expensive, often tiny and delicate jewellery is difficult – and jewellery cases are a pretty and useful solution. Especially if you’ve gotten her jewellery in the past, or plan to in the future, this is a thoughtful (and personalised) gift. It’s made from premium leather, comes in six colours, and can be monogrammed with her initials. Cuyana is also a cool leather bag startup she may have already heard of.

A beautiful diamond necklace she’ll have forever


Diamond Bezel Necklace, available on AUrate, $US320

A diamond necklace doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars, as fine jewellery startups like AUrate are proving. This necklace is something she can keep and wear forever, and both the solid gold and conflict-free diamonds are of the highest quality.

A beautiful cashmere sweater in tons of colours for $US100


Cashmere Crew, available on Everlane, $US100

Everlane is a cult-favourite startup, and their $US100 cashmere sweaters are one of their most popular products ever. Thanks to their transparent pricing, you get a really nice cashmere sweater for the price of a not-so-nice one – and this classic crewneck comes in 18 colours.

If she’s especially environmentally conscious, check out Reformation’s cashmere. It’s more expensive ($US148), but it’s made from 70% recycled cashmere. If you’re looking for something less expensive, cashmere startup Naadam has fantastic cashmere sweaters for $US75, but they’re prone to sell out.

A cult-favourite hair towel that reduces damage and cuts drying time by 50%


Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Towel, available on Amazon and Sephora, from $US20.99

Aquis’ cult-favourite hair towels can cut the amount of time it takes your hair to dry in half – a claim we’re happy to report holds up. The proprietary fabric also means there’s less damage to wet hair while it dries.

The best high-end sheets at the best price on the market


Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, available on Brooklinen, from $US213

Brooklinen is one of our favourite companies, point blank. We think they make the best high-end sheets at the best price on the market, and most of the Insider Picks team uses Brooklinen on their own beds.

The Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle comes in 15 colours and patterns, and you can mix and match them to suit your taste. Grab a gift card (delivered digitally or in a gift box) if you want to give her more freedom. If you opt for a sheet bundle, she’ll receive a core sheet set (fitted, flat, two pillowcases), duvet cover, and two extra pillowcases in soft, smooth 480-thread-count weave.

A funny and unique handmade card


You’ve Stolen a Pizza My Heart Handmade Card, available on Etsy, $US4

You can pick up a card from Walgreens on your way to exchange gifts, but it will mean more if you think just a few days ahead.Etsy has great options for cheap, unique, handmade gifts that are cool and thoughtful. This one is handmade watercolor, and it’s lovably funny and sweet.

Plan a trip for the two of you to take together — and maybe use this online travel concierge to help


Journy Gift Card, available on Journy, from $US50

Airbnb Gift Card, available on Zola, from $US100

If you want to gift an experience for the two of you to enjoy together, grab a card, a gift card to Journy or Airbnb, and come with a few location ideas in mind.

If you haven’t heard of Journy, it’s a startup that matches you with an expert travel planner to design the ideal trip for $US25 per day – complete with booking hotels, making restaurant reservations, and keeping landmarks and local haunts in mind. If you want to surprise her with a trip already planned, go through Journy yourself and present her with the full, detailed plan.

A 100% silk pillowcase that reduces frizz and keeps skin hydrated overnight


Celestial Silk Pillowcase, available on Amazon, from $US35.99

Silk pillowcases reduce frizz and damage to hair and make it look shiny and healthy. It also reduces the likelihood of wrinkles and keeps skin hydrated overnight.

This particular Celestial Silk pillowcase is one of the internet’s hidden gems. It’s $US40 on Amazon (less good options go for $US85), but we rated it the best silk pillowcase you can buy in the Insider Picks buying guide. It’s the one I personally own, and it makes a big difference for frizzy hair.

A houseplant that arrives already potted and is easy to care for


Silver Evergreen, available on Leon & George, $US109

Leon and George is a San Francisco startup that will send beautiful plants – potted in stylish, minimalist pots – to her door. All she has to do is to occasionally add water. Flowers are wonderful, but houseplants have a much longer shelf life, and most of Leon & George’s options are very easy to care for.

A nice gold vermeil and sapphire zodiac sign necklace


Zodiac Necklace, available on Mejuri, $US79

Mejuri is a Canadian startup created in 2015 to make fine jewellery affordable to buy – and it has racked up wait lists with more than 40,000 people on them before. Their popular Zodiac Necklace is cool, minimalist, and something she can wear every day. It’s made in gold vermeil with AAA quality white sapphires. And Mejuri’s affordable pricing means the estimated traditional retail price of the same necklace elsewhere is closer to $US235.

A new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite for reading anywhere


Kindle Paperwhite, available on Amazon, $US99.99

Amazon’s new Kindle Paperwhite is its thinnest and lightest yet, with double the storage. Perhaps the best features are that it’s waterproof and has built-in adjustable light for the perfect reading environment indoors or outdoors, day and night. If she loves a nice relaxing bath, pair this with a caddy, bath bombs, and a glass of wine for a relaxing night in that you’ve already taken care of.

A membership to a popular skincare and makeup subscription that sends new, cool, and best-selling products once per month


Birchbox Best-Sellers Box and 3-Month Gift Subscription, available on Birchbox, $US42

Birchbox is a skincare and makeup subscription that sends tons of samples of new and cult-favourite products to subscribers so they can find products they love without much commitment or cost upfront. Makeup and skincare products can be expensive, so this is a particularly helpful service. The gift box above includes a selection of best sellers plus a three-month subscription.

A fun, unique local date


Airbnb Experiences, available on Airbnb, from $US25

Local pasta-making classes, wine tours, pottery workshops, secret concerts, nature outings – you can book from thousands of local classes and experiences on Airbnb Experiences to make wherever you live feel new, exciting, and full of possibilities. It’s also an under-utilised part of Airbnb, making it a thoughtful and unusual gift – and one you may keep using yourselves for out-of-the-box date nights in the future. Find out more here.

A stylish leather makeup pouch that’s thoughtful and easy to travel with


Lola Toiletries Pouch, available on Dagne Dover, $US75

Dagne Dover is quickly becoming one of the best women’s handbag companies to know, and their Lola Toiletries Pouches are a great and relatively affordable gift. The small size ($US75) is perfect for everyday makeup essentials, and the large ($US105) can be used for toiletries, makeup, or as a small purse. It’s made from beautiful pebbled leather, and you can pick from seven foolproof colour choices.

A subscription to a coffee service that sends you coffees specifically for your taste preferences


3-Month Subscription, available on Driftaway Coffee, from $US39

If she loves coffee, she’ll probably love to try Driftaway Coffee. It’s a gourmet coffee subscription that gets smarter the longer you use it – remembering your preferences and steering you towards increasingly accurate brews for your specific tastes. The first shipment will be a tasting kit with four coffee profiles, which she’ll rate online or in the app to start getting personalised shipments.

A book of love letters written by history’s great men


Love Letters of Great Men, available on Amazon, $US12.56

It can be hard to do yourself justice in words – whether they’re spoken or written in a card. This compilation of love letters written by great men can help you say it without actually technically saying it.

A pair of leggings from an eco-conscious startup


LITE leggings, available on Girlfriend Collective, $US78

Girlfriend Collective is an affordable, unique fitness startup that makes stylish workout gear – which also happens to be made out of eco-friendly materials like recycled fishing nets and plastic water bottles in ethical factories.

The best bathrobe that money can buy


Bathrobe, available on Snowe, $US98

Snowe’s $US98 unisex bathrobe has been called the best and most absorbent terry robe on the market, and I’m one more fervent believer. The company traps each cotton fibre with air for extra absorbency, it’s soft and plush, and the unisex sizing means it will feel like a blanket-turned-robe. Perfect functionality, and extra points for coziness.

One of the most well-made, comfortable blankets she’s ever used


Leesa Blanket, available on Leesa, $US99

The Leesa Blanket is one of the best bedroom accessories we’ve discovered – well-made, soft and supple, and perfect year-round. It has two layers so it’s weighty enough to feel warm and substantial, and we’ve seen it hold up well over time without pilling or breaking down.

Limited-edition candles from a renowned perfume house


Diptyque Légende Du Nord Candle Set, available on Nordstrom, $US114

Diptyque is a luxury French perfumer that makes some of the best candles, home fragrances, and body care available. This set is a limited-edition trio of winter-inspired candles that come in beautiful vessels.

A gift card to a popular wine subscription club


Gift Card, available on Winc, from $US60

Winc is a personalised wine club – and we think the best one you can belong to overall. Members take a wine palate profile quiz and then choose from the personalised wine suggestions. Each bottle has extensive tasting notes and serving recommendations online, and makes it easy to discover similar bottles.

Gift her a Winc gift card, and she can take a wine palate profile quiz and get started with her own customised suggestions.

A gift bundle of the best hair dryer ever invented and popular hair products from a celebrity hair stylist’s line


Dyson Blown-A-OUAI Set, available on Sephora and Nordstrom, $US399

This gift may seem inexplicably expensive, but it’s actually considered a steal to those with either product on their wish lists (retail value: $US465). The award-winning Dyson blow dryer is covetable, and lauded as the best one ever invented; It prevents hair damage by measuring air temperature 20 times per second, has a specially designed Dyson motor for fast drying, and reduces static, breakage, and makes hair look smooth and shiny.

The Ouai products are from celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s personal line. She’s best known for stylish the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, and Sofia Vergara.

A high-tech towel that keeps her from slipping around during yoga classes


Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel, available on Amazon, from $US40

Manduka is known for making the best yoga products, and their Yogitoes towel is one of the most loved. It has tiny 100% silicone nubs on one side that grab yoga mats and keep yogis from slipping around during the exercise. Having a good towel can make a big difference.

It also comes in 19 great colours and gets eco-friendly points. Each Yogitoes towel is made from eight recycled plastic water bottles, and made with dyes free of azo, lead, or heavy metal.

The “world’s most comfortable shoes”


Women’s Wool Runners, available on Allbirds, $US95 (available in twelve colours)

Allbirds’ newest launch is a line of cool new high-top sneakers dubbed the Tree Toppers, but for the uninitiated (or anyone looking for new favourite fail-safe sneakers), the classic Wool Runners are ideal.

Cosy fuzzy socks and the tools for a great night in


Butter Slipper Socks, available on Nordstrom, $US10 or 3 for $US25

Pair these with her favourite comfy products for an ideal “night in”: bath bombs, sheet masks, candles, wine, and maybe a gift card to her favourite place to order take-out from.

A gift card to ClassPass so she can go to tons of boutique fitness classes without the expense


Gift Card, available on ClassPass, from $US50

Boutique fitness classes are expensive. ClassPass makes them less so. With ClassPass, she can drop into diverse exercise classes at tons of different specialised studios for $US15 or less per class (about half their traditional cost). If she likes to be kept active, is looking for a newfound favourite class, or likes yoga as much as barre classes, this is a great gift she’ll actually use.

An award-winning but pricey at-home facial


Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, available on Sephora, $US80

This is an award-winning mask with a big following in the beauty and skincare community. It’s $US80, but it’s an at-home pro-quality facial she can use anytime – which is a fraction of the price required for regular facials.

A stylish, savvy carry-on with an external battery pack


Carry-On, available on Away, $US225

Away’s hyper-popular suitcases deserve their hype. Their hard shell is lightweight but durable, their 360° spinner wheels make for seamless travelling, and the external (and ejectable and TSA-compliant) battery pack included can charge a smartphone 5x over so she never has to sit behind a trash can at the airport for access to an outlet again. It’s also guaranteed for life by Away. Find our full review here.

A stylish weekender with next-level organisation tools


Landon Carryall, available on Dagne Dover, $US125

Dagne Dover has already made it on this list, but this weekender is another fan-favourite that makes for a particularly great gift. It looks cool thanks to the great colour options and unique neoprene material (think: scuba gear), and the stylish organisation is second-to-none (think: padded laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket, and stretch key leash for easy access). It’s great for weekend trips, staycations, and as a carry-on.

16 highly-rated sheet masks


Sheet Mask Set, available on Amazon, from $US13.99

Grab her 16 sheet masks to make it easier for her to have a frequent and well-deserved “treat yourself” day. These 16 are highly-rated and have both vitamin E and collagen included for healthy, happy skin.

A gift card for delicious healthy meals she can make in about 30 seconds


Gift Card, available on Daily Harvest, from $US25

Daily Harvest is a food startup that makes it possible to eat healthy, delicious meals for less than $US10 each even if you only have 30 seconds to spare for prep time. Meals are pre-portioned, delicious, and designed by both a chef and a nutritionist to make sure they’re tasty and good for you. It addressed all my healthy eating roadblocks.

A subscription to a famous book club that sends her great hardcovers once per month


3-Month Subscription, available on Book of the Month, $US44.99

If she loves books, Book of the Month is an especially thoughtful and unique gift – it’s a book club that has been around since 1926, and it’s credited with discovering some of the most beloved books of all time (“Gone with the Wind” and “Catcher in the Rye” to name a couple).

If you gift her a subscription, she’ll receive a hardcover book delivered to her door once a month. Books are selected by a team of experts and celebrity guest judges.

If she’s really more into audiobooks or e-reading now rather than hardcovers, check out a gift subscription to Scribd (full review here).

Fancy popcorn and a movie night


Popcorn Seasoning Set, available on UncommonGoods, $US30

Fandango Gift Card, from $US15

Grab these handmade popcorn seasonings (white cheddar, salt & vinegar, buttery garlic, and smokey BBQ) from Uncommon Goods and make some fancy popcorn for a movie night. Or, make a reservation at a nice restaurant, stock up on her favourite movie candy and some fun drinks ahead of time (wrap them for an extra wow-factor), get a Fandango gift card, and take her out for a dressed-up version of the classic movie date.

A gift set of six vegan bath bombs that smell like essential oils


Bath Bomb Gift Set, available on Amazon, $US15.95

This bath bomb gift set has six vegan bath bombs made from natural essential oils. Each bath bomb’s scent corresponds to a specific use: lavender for relaxation, grapefruit for energizing, and so on. They also have over 3,000 five-star reviews.

Kitchen towels that rate wines by how well they pair with certain foods


Wine Pairing Towel Set, available on Uncommon Goods, $US28

If she loves having a nice glass of wine and/or cooking, she’ll appreciate the thought behind these unique wine pairing towels. Grab a bottle and some corresponding ingredients for a fun night in for the two of you.