15 Perfect Gifts For Your Favourite Foodie

Foodies are always on the search for the next big thing, be it a reservation at the most coveted table in town, a meal from the hot new burger joint, or a cronut.

From gourmet edibles to beautiful serveware and kitchen tools, we’ve got 15 gifts sure to impress even the toughest-to-please gourmands.

Get them into the most exclusive supper club in town.

Dinner Lab has been called 'the 2.0 of the supper club,' and features talented guest chefs who cook an ever-changing array of menus in 10 cities around the U.S.

The price of membership varies depending on the city, but it opens the door to gourmet, twice-weekly dinners that are never short on attendees.

Price: $100-$200/year (tickets to dinner events are purchased separately)

Give the gift that makes foodies drool.

One pot, infinite uses. Le Creuset is the ultimate, do-it-all Dutch oven that foodies crave. It locks in heat and moisture for even cooking, and is oven- and dishwasher-safe.

Best of all, it has a lifetime warranty, so wear and tear from normal household use guarantees the owner a new product at any point down the line.

Price: $105-$465

Keep their food well-seasoned.

This isn't your run-of-the mill, powdery table salt. Give your gourmand a beautiful set of salts from around the world, from pink Himalayan salt to black, flaky salt from the island of Cyprus.

They come in convenient, corked test tubes displayed in a reclaimed cedar base. Good looking and good tasting!

Price: $40

Supply them with olive oil for life from their very own tree.

Keep your foodie eternally supplied with pure, preservative-free Italian olive oil from their own adopted olive tree at Nudo Italia's olive grove.

Adopters get shipments of olive oil made from their tree's olives at least once a year, and are free to visit their tree at Nudo's countryside grove any time.

Price: $69 and up

Take the frustration out of stuck-to-the-pan cookies.

Baked goods and sweets slide right off this non-stick mat, used in chef's kitchens worldwide. Silpat practically eliminates all wasteful use of parchment paper or foil.

The non-stick mat is made of fibreglass and silicone, and is a naturally non-stick surface that doesn't require any greasing.

You'll be getting a lot more cookies in the mail from now on.

Price: $17.24

Wish them a Happy Thanksgivukkah with French macarons.

Known for his gourmet chocolates and French macarons, confectionary veteran Michel Richart just introduced a new savory line of French macarons with ingredients like black truffle, foie gras, and Roquefort cheese that come in sets of 12 or 25.

Inspired by the Périgord region in the South of France, these truffles will make a great appetizer or dessert for a Thanksgivukkah feast.

Price: $19-$39

Turn them into a Michelin star-worthy restaurant chef.

They'll be playing with their food in style thanks to this DIY Molecular Gastronomy Kit.

A 50-recipe DVD teaches them how to use the molds and tools that give them the ability to make fancy-looking edible foams, gels, and powders. When they have you over for dinner after this, you'll never need to visit another fine dining establishment again.

Price: $58.95

Buy them the only knife they'll ever need.

As Anthony Bourdain wrote in 'Kitchen Confidential,' all you need is one good chef's knife.

The Shun Classic Western Chef's Knife is Japanese-made with a thicker blade perfect for heavy duty chopping and a moisture-resistant Pakka Wood handle to ward off sweaty palms. Your gourmand friends will relish the thought of brandishing this baby in the kitchen.

-- $149.95

Give a cutting board that reveals their state pride.

If your foodie is super proud of where he's from, give a healthy dose of state pride with a state silhouette butcher block and cutting board from AHeirloom. They're made to order from 100% bamboo, and are thick and durable.

Each board is customisable with a little heart of star that can be embossed over the city of your choice. AHeirloom will add additional hearts or stars over other cities for an extra fee.

Price: $48

Ensure their food is never bland, no matter where they are.

Foodies know that everything tastes better when it's properly seasoned. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit contains a baker's dozen of different spices in portable, stacking containers that make it easy to give food anywhere an Emeril-worthy 'BAM!'

The containers are unlabeled, making them reusable with different spices (maybe that pink Himalayan salt, for example).

Price: $26

Give them a beautiful way to display food and fresh produce.

There's no such thing as too much serveware! Made and painted in the style of traditional Mexican pottery, these melamine serving bowls are a brilliant way to illuminate the goodies they hold, whether that's farm fresh produce or an exotic salad.

Price: $18.99

Let them proudly display their passions.

The work of San Jose, Calif.-based artist Geraldine Adams brings all the freshness and colour of produce to your gourmand's halls and wall.

This fun food art print runs 11' x 14' and artfully illustrates six different winter vegetables with labels in English and French.

Price: $32

Surprise them with the Bible... of food.

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg's 'Flavour Bible' is an easy-to-follow manual of coaxing flavour out of every ingredient and every combination based on the country's leading chefs' own experiences in the kitchen.

The book holds thousands of ingredient entries, organised alphabetically and cross-referenced, to give readers the tools to more effectively use ingredients, experiment with texture and seasonings, and make balanced dishes.

'The Flavour Bible' won the 2009 James Beard Book Award for Best Reference and Scholarship Book.

Price: $26.25

Provide them with the country's most tried-and-true flours.

America's oldest flour company, King Arthur Flour, has had over 200 years to perfect their high-quality flours. The baker's deluxe gift box includes a mix of what the company calls their 'secret ingredients,' including their baking cocoa, vanilla extract, Vietnamese cinnamon, and more.

They even give you ideas on what to do with this bounty with a selection of King Arthur Flour holiday recipe cards.

Price: $84.95

Ship them a pound of artisanal bacon every month.

The only thing better than bacon is really good bacon. S.C.-based Ted's Butcherblock sends you artisanal bacon smoked from small smokehouses around the country.

Previous flavours include black forest bacon, natural kurobuta applewood bacon, and pepper-coated bacon. A true foodie will be able to taste the difference.

Price: $85 for three months

'Tis the season that keeps on giving.

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