10 Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

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So the bookworm in your life has read everything on The New York Times’ best sellers list already.What do you get her now?

We’re here to help with some creative options for book lovers.

Decorate your phone with the cover of your favourite book.

Out Of Print makes canvas and plastic hard shell covers for the iPhone 4 and 4s that depict the cover of classic novels, like 'The Great Gatsby,' 'Moby Dick,' 'Animal Farm,' 'Fahrenheit 451,' and more.

Price: $35

The invisible book shelf is a sleek way to display your books.

Save space and display your books in a unique and stylish way with the Invisible Floating Bookshelf. The invisible unit grips the cover of one book and turns that book into the base of the bookshelf; you can stack up to 20 pounds on top of each shelf.

Price: $12.95

This book lamp is great for late-night reading.

The 'Flex Neck' reading lamp has LED lights and clips on to your book.

Price: $6.47

Readers will love this charming necklace.

Set in a vintage steampunk clockface, this retro-looking pendant reads 'So Many Books, So Little Time,' a famous quote by writer and musician Frank Zappa.

The hand-crafted pendant comes with a 24' chain.

Price: $13.95

Keep track of favourite quotes and literary inspirations with this book diary.

A Book Lover's Diary helps book lovers keep track of favourite quotes, books they've read, and books they want to read. It features separate sections for books to read and a place to review books read.

Price: $10.17

Curl up with a book and a hot drink with this clever mug.

The 'Keep Calm' phrase is very trendy right now, and this mug, which reads 'Keep Calm And Read A Book,' takes advantage of the trend. It's a great accessory for any book lover and can be purchased at New York City's famous Strand bookstore.

Price: $11.95

Make your own library at home with this personal library kit.

If you love to share books with friends but often lose track of them, then this personal library kit is for you.

The kit uses old-fashioned library circulation techniques and includes all the tools used by pro-librarians: 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil.

Price: $16

Get her a purse that looks like a classic book.

This Kate Spade clutch looks like a copy of 'Romeo And Juliet.'

Kate Spade also offers clutches that look like 'A Tale Of Two Cities,' 'Pride & Prejudice,' 'The Importance Of Being Ernest,' 'Emma,' and 'The Great Gatsby.'

Price: $325

This cotton knit scarf is covered in a passage from Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane Eyre.' The words are screen printed by hand, making each scarf unique.

Price: $42

The Nook HD is one of the best eBook readers.

Barnes & Noble's Nook HD is a lightweight tablet that lets users download and read eBooks and surf the web.

It has high-resolution and a great HD screen display, meaning clearer pictures and a more enjoyable user experience.

Price: $199

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