The Best Moments You Missed From This Weekend's Conference Championship Games

Georgia Tech fans

Photo: ESPN

College football teams played for conference championships and spots in BCS bowl games this weekend and as usual, there were plenty of entertaining scenes, big hits, and funny moments.On the next few pages we have narrowed down the best highlights that you might have missed from this weekend’s college football action.

One member of the always-entertaining Stanford band was playing a stop sign

And here is the look on the Georgia quarterback's face a split-second before impact

A UPS driver actually made an official sign for the game ball in the Pac-12 title game

Looks like Kent State was the inspiration for those awful Notre Dame 'Shamrock Series' uniforms

Does Kent State hand out achievement decals for tying their shoes correctly?

This formation is the illegitimate offspring of the Wishbone and the I-Formation

Alabama's #65 is not leaving much to the imagination

Bald Kansas State fan wins 'Creepiest Fan of the Weekend'

This shot of Georgia Tech fans might be the best fans-in-pain image ever

This list was reserved for the Pros

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