The Best Moments You Missed From This Weekend's College Football Action

Florida State fans

Photo: ABC Sports

It was another wild and crazy weekend in college football with the BCS Championship picture suddenly much clearer after Notre Dame beat USC to claim one spot in the title game.But there were plenty of other entertaining games and highlights, many of which were not seen on the highlight shows.

On the next few pages we have narrowed the games down to the most entertaining/funny/telling highlights of the weekend.

Ohio State wore special chrome helmets against Michigan which looked great until they got cluttered with the achievement stickers

'Tis the season for snow-covered football fields

This is an interesting look for these Florida State fans

The turkey on these special Virginia Tech helmets is eyeballing you

This is why grabbing the facemask is illegal

If only students rush the field after a big win, then Ohio State has a lot of old students

Now that's just not nice

UCLA wore all-black uniforms because black is one of their colours (no it isn't)

Wow Clemson fan, just wow

Where do you think somebody buys a jacket like this?

Joe Theisman was on the field to congratulate Notre Dame players, because of course Theisman would be there

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