This Replay Shows That Rajon Rondo's Chest-Bump Was Intentional And Defending Him Is Crazy

Most people agree that Rajon Rondo’s chest-bump of an official will cost him at least a one-game suspension. But there seems to be a lot of disagreement over whether the bump was intentional or not.

The defence of Rondo typically points to the feet and how Rondo appears to get tangled up with the official. And that’s when the bump occurs…


But now take a look at the replay from behind. Ignore for a moment that the bump comes after Rondo had already gained his balance with his right foot (see above). And ignore that most people react to tripping by lifting their arms to brace themselves. Rondo trips and then throws his shoulder’s back. You can see that here with the shoulders and arms moving back, and the shoulder blades moving closer together…


The bump was clearly intentional. And saying anything else is just silly.

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