Mark Sanchez Was Injured When Rex Ryan Tried To Win A Preseason Game In The 4th Quarter

After not playing during the first three quarters, Mark Sanchez entered the Jets’ third preseason game in the middle of the fourth quarter and then injured his shoulder on a hit after throwing the ball downfield.

Sanchez immediately grabbed his right shoulder while on the ground. He went to the sideline and threw a warm-up pass but was then taken to the locker room for x-rays.

Now the big question is, why was the Jets’ presumed starting quarterback placed into a preseason game in the fourth quarter without any other starters on the field?

After the game, Rex Ryan addressed the media and said it was his decision to have Sanchez enter the game and that they “were trying to win the game.”

Here is the hit on Sanchez…

Here is Sanchez leaving the field with his arm wrapped…

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