Dirty Hit On Nick Foles Leads To Ugly Brawl Between Eagles And Redskins Players

An ugly brawl on the sideline between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles was started by a dirty hit on quarterback Nick Foles and ended with two players ejected.

The brawl happened after Foles threw an apparent interception and was slowly tracking the return up-field. Even though Foles wasn’t actively engaged in the play and was defenseless, Chris Baker, a 330-pound lineman, lined Foles up and leveled him from the side.

Eagles left tackle Jason Peters (no. 71) immediately ran over and confronted Baker leading to the brawl. Both players were ejected.

Foles was in pain on the turf for several minutes, but eventually got up and appeared to be OK.

But the sight of dozens of players throwing punches on the sideline is the last thing the NFL needs in the wake of all the off-field issues concerning players and violence.

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