Giants Fans Riot, Set San Francisco On Fire After Winning The World Series [PHOTOS]

san francisco giants fire riot

Photo: @insunlight

The Giants won the World Series and spawned small-scale riots in San Francisco last night.More than 10,000 fans gathered near the Civic centre to watch the game at a public viewing. After the game, a few hundred fans set fires, smashed cars, threw bottles at police, and climbed street lights in the Mission District of the city.

A bunch of people tweeted out photos of the scene, which seemed totally out of control. A city bus was set aflame at one point.

Police say “several” arrests were made, according to KTVU, but the exact number is not yet known.

A pile of debris

A city bus is set on fire

Police say as many as 100 rioters were setting fires

Riot police form a blockade

A fan climbs of a street sign in the Mission District

Fans approach a bonfire

The bus from above

Police say the riots didn't fizzle out until past 2 a.m.

Riot police take aim at a fan

A bonfire gets out of control

A work truck is smashed

Riot police look on

A Lexus has its back window smashed

Fans climb on a bus

A man with a tuba joins the fray

A fan takes a video on an iPad

A fan jumps through the flames

Fans overtake a city bus

Fans climb on a tractor trailer

Another fan dances in the flames

Riot police as the crowd whittles down

Another bonfire

A bus is totally surrounded

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