The New York Giants Got Mauled Again Last Night, And Now They Need An Epic Turnaround To Save Their Season

eli manning new york giants sad


The Giants got smoked by the Saints 49-24 last night.They’ve now lost three straight games, and are in real danger of missing the playoffs at 6-5.

Here’s why:

The schedule. The Giants play Green Bay, Dallas (twice), the Jets, and a frisky Washington team coming down the stretch. To have a realistic chance at making they playoffs, they’ll have to go 4-1 in that stretch.

The competition. Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and the Giants are the four teams competing for two wild card spots. Each of those other three teams is a game up on the Giants at 7-4 right now. The Lions and Bears are both looking shaky, but you have to figure that one of those two teams will join Atlanta at 10-6 at the end of the day.

The injuries. The Giants survived a ton of injuries on defence when they jumped out to a 6-2 start. But since Ahmad Bradshaw went down, they’ve lack any semblance of a running game. Eli has to do it all himself, and the defence isn’t doing him any favours either.

They look like crap. The Giants have looked straight-up lifeless in their last two games. It’s one thing to lose a game to Vince Young at home and then get blitzed by the Saints. But they’ve looked defeated in both of these games. Which is weird considering they were flying high less than a month ago.

The Giants have collapsed, going from 6-2 to 6-5 in no time at all. Two weeks from now, they could be officially dead and buried after games against Green Bay and the Cowboys (in Dallas).

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