PHOTOS: Tons Of People Skipped Work Today To Go To The Giants Victory Parade

Giants Parade

Photo: Lorenzo Arguello/Business Insider

After beating the New England Patriots for their second Super Bowl championship in five years on Sunday, it was time for the New York Giants to celebrate with all of their fans back home.An estimated one million fans lined Broadway Avenue in Lower Manhattan awaiting the champions arrival.

We presume many among the throng of fans were, like us, a bit disappointed with the obstructed views.

But everyone seemed to be having a great time anyway.

An eerily quiet subway on the way downtown. We must be late.

SPOTTED: Our first Giants fan.

This is the scene that awaited us near the World Trade centre site.

Looks like someone didn't go to school today.

OCCUPY GIANTS: Zuccotti Park was a sea of blue.

And police certainly had their hands full.

Uh, we don't think that's spelled right.

So that's what we kept hearing while we walked through the crowd.

We should've stayed where we were. This is all we can see. Police won't let anyone through.

A little begging and pleading with a nice cop and we get through to an even larger mob near the parade's path.

This guy knows what's up.

Some of New York's finest weren't just there to work.

It looks like things are about to get going as confetti starts flying.

False Alarm. Just a bunch of random women taking photos of us.

We wish we had this unobstructed view.

FINALLY: A few people we recognise. We swear that's Eli's hand holding the Lombardi Trophy.

Well, that was fun! Time to clean up.

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