Giant Space Mirrors To Keep Earth Cool? No Way, Say Australians

Image: Shutterstock

Some say we will need world-scale climate engineering to keep the Earth safe from global warming.

But they have a big job ahead of them to convince the world it’s necessary and safe.

A new survey suggests most people view in a negative light large-scale projects to tackle global warming.

Methods intended to reflect the sun’s heat, such as space mirrors, are viewed with the most suspicion, while people are less wary of methods that aim to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Professor Malcolm J. Wright of Massey University in New Zealand said the techniques of brand marketing were used to gauge public reaction to large scale solutions to global warming.

“To avoid severe climate change and the attendant economic qnd social dislocation, existing energy efficiency and emissions control initiatives may need support from some form of climate engineering,” the researchers write in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The overall response by the Australians and New Zealanders in the study was negative to climate engineering.

But they are more positive to the idea of carbon dioxide removal.

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