Someone just hung a giant poster of Vladimir Putin off the Manhattan bridge

A massive banner bearing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s image, the Russian flag, the Syrian flag, and the word “peacemaker” was seen billowing off the side of the Manhattan bridge in New York City on Thursday.

At least two people unfurled the giant banner around 1:45 p.m., the New York Post reports.

The incident coincides with the US and Russia suspending bilateral talks on the Syrian civil war and Russian officials threatening to shoot down US planes flying over Syria without warning.

Far from making peace in Syria, Russia has been accused by many in the international community of bombing hospitals and UN humanitarian convoys in Syria. 

Gothamist writer Rebecca Fishbein notes that a pop-up shop selling Putin-themed trinkets in New York’s Gamercy neighbourhood in 2014 went by the name “Peacemaker.” Still, it’s unclear where the flag was made and who unfurled it. 

The Banner has since been removed by police.

Here’s a time lapse video of the banner hanging on the bridge:

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