A store is selling giant oversized backpacks for $234 and people are actually buying them

PlywoodThis photo shows the CWF bag on the left and an average backpack on the right.
  • Japanese retailer Plywood is selling giant, oversized backpacks for $US234.
  • The backpacks were designed by the Japanese brand CWF.
  • The retailer’s website says that the bags can be used for camping or as an everyday style staple.
  • The “sand beige” version of the backpack is currently sold out, but the “olive drag” and “black” options are still available to purchase at the time of this post.

The mini-backpack trend might be over, but oversized backpacks are here to stay – at least according to one brand, that is.

Japanese retailer Plywood is currently selling oversized backpacks designed by CWF. The bags retail for $US234 and are sold in three colours: “sand beige,” “olive drag,” and “black.”

Giant backpackPlywoodThe CWF backpack nearly reaches the model’s ankles.

According to CWF, the backpacks can be used in a variety of ways

On the Plywood website, CWF advises customers to use the bags while camping, as they’re “indispensable for outdoors, carrying heavy gears and bringing in a large number of ingredients to the camp site.”

If you’re more interested in using one of the giant backpacks inside, CWF says that the bags are “ideal for storage of clothes” and “can be used instead of [a] closet.”

Giant backpack plywoodPlywoodThis model appears to be using the backpack as a pillow.

The website says they can “actually be carried as a backpack” and are meant to work just as well as their smaller counterparts.

The straps were designed with comfort in mind

According to the Plywood website, “the shoulder strap is designed to reduce the stress on the shoulder, making it easy to move and transport.”

Backpacks plywoodPlywoodFrom behind, the straps look similar to those found on any average backpack.

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Rather than using two average shoulder straps, the CWF backpack uses a third middle strap for optimal support.

Plywood backpackPlywoodThis model appears to be wearing the ‘olive drag’ version of the backpack.

The oversized design appears to be popular

While the backpack is still available to purchase in the “olive drag” and “black” colour options, the “sandal beige” style of the bag is sold out. You can find the remaining CWF backpacks on Plywood’s website.

Representatives for Plywood did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s request for comment.


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