This Crazy Mosquito Sculpture Sits On A Gazprom-Owned Oil Field In Western Siberia

mosquito sculpture

Photo: Live Journal/svintuss

You can go to MoMA or The Louvre, but sometimes you’ll find great art where you wouldn’t expect to find much of anything.Such is the case in Western Siberia, where scientists hoping to create an eco-tourism route stumbled across a giant mosquito sculpture on a gas company’s property in Noyabrsk, Russia.

The sculpture is by Valery Chaliy, who built it on a property in Noyabrsk, Russia owned by gas firm Gazprom — one of the five largest energy producers in Russia

Source: Laughing Squid and Gazprom

Noyabrsk, Russia lies in the oil fields of Western Siberia. The town has a population of 100,000. It was founded as a work settlement in the 1970s.

The mosquito is about 16 feet tall at its apex, according to the photographer

Chialy made the mosquito out of scrap metal and discarded car and bulldozer parts

Source: Gizmo Watch

The artist was inspired by the millions of mosquitoes that inhabit a neighbouring swamp

Source: Gizmo Watch

You'll need clearance from Gazprom security to view the sculpture. Current Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev chaired Gazprom's board of directors until 2008.

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