Giancarlo Staton returns to form for the Yankees with 2 home runs and a stunning ‘superhero swing’

  • The New York Yankees are on a tear of late, and Giancarlo Stanton’s return to form has only made their offence more imposing.
  • On Tuesday night, Stanton impressed again with his third multi-home run game of the season that included one shot that manager Aaron Boone would later refer to as a “superhero swing.”
  • The Yankees would go on to defeat the Red Sox 3-2, putting the two teams tied at the top of the majors.

The New York Yankees are firing on all cylinders.

Having won 16 of their previous 17 games, the Bronx Bombers entered their three-game series with the rival Boston Red Sox as one of the hottest teams in baseball – though Boston’s early-season run has also been quite impressive.

Since the brawl that took place the last time they met, the Yankees have been on an absolute tear, and on Tuesday night it wasn’t immediately apparent if this early-season battle for supremacy would devolve back into madness once again.

Giancarlo Stanton, who had struggled out of the gate for the Yankees, was the first to break the tension, launching a bullet over the low fence in left field with a baffling swing that his teammates couldn’t believe.

Stanton’s swing is something of a hack. With the ball high in the zone, Stanton swings with his arms just below his shoulders and launches the ball into oblivion.

His teammates were left in absolute awe. “You can only do that if you have incredible power,” Didi Gregorius said after the game. Even Yankees manager Aaron Boone was stunned, calling it a “superhero swing.”

In the dugout, veteran pitcher CC Sabathia could be seen sharing his disbelief at the moment and mimicking Stanton’s stunted swing to his teammates.

But Stanton wasn’t done for the night. In his next at bat, Stanton doubled the Yankees lead with a shot over the right field wall – though this time with a much more natural swing of the bat.

The Yankees would add another run to eventually win the game 3-2, with two more games remaining in the series. For Stanton, it was his eighth and ninth home runs of the season and his third multi-home run game of the young season. After his sluggish start, he’s already back on pace to hit 40 home runs again, and it would not shock anyone if he pushed that number closer to 60 in the next two weeks.

With the Yankees offence already a star-studded affair of devastating run scoring ability, a return to form from Stanton only makes the team even more terrifying as a potential opponent as the summer goes on.