Ghostface Killah blasted Martin Shkreli and praised Hillary Clinton in a Fox Business interview

Maria Bartiromo interviews Ghostface KillahFox Business NetworkMaria Bartiromo interviews Ghostface Killah.

Ghostface Killah called in for a Fox Business Network interview Tuesday morning in order to rip infamous ex-pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli.

“He has no respect for life,” Ghostface told anchor Maria Bartiromo of Shkreli.

The rapper continued: “I mean, he raised the price — you know I’ve been in on him — from what, $13, $15, to $750 a pill for these AIDS victims. And it was just like, yo, how could you do something like that? It’s 5,000%.”

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper and Shkreli have been in an escalating feud in recent weeks.

Shkreli, at the center of a price-gouging scandal, bought the only copy of Wu-Tang’s new album, “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” After Ghostface criticised Shkreli, the flamboyant executive released a video taunting the rapper and threatening to erase him from the album.

“I laughed at it. … It was comedy. It was comedy to me,” Ghostface said Tuesday of the video. “I mean, I don’t judge no man. But for me, being how I came up in the streets, just to see him [like] that, I fell out laughing in front of the computer.”

Ghostface martin shkreliFox Business Network/screenshotGhostface Killah responds to Martin Shkreli.

Shkreli’s infamy only increased last December when he was arrested on securities-fraud charges. Ghostface told Bartiromo that he hoped that the businessman ultimately faces “justice.”

Bartiromo finished her interview by asking the rapper about the 2016 presidential race, in which Shkreli’s price-gouging scandal has been a campaign-trail issue for Democrats. Ghostface said it was time for a female president and he was leaning toward supporting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Right now, I would say Hillary,” he said. “You know, women have been through a lot in this country. And I would like to take a woman’s opinion just to see the outcome and what it may be. And plus her husband, he’s … been president before. And I think it’d be interesting.”

“So you’re not ‘feeling the Bern,’ I guess?” Bartiromo asked, referring to Clinton’s primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

“No,” Ghostface replied. “I’m just looking at our future. Because I just think Hillary’s a good fit.”

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