'Ghostbusters' added a new scene to make fun of the movie's internet haters


The new “Ghostbusters” has had one of the hardest hills to climb of any summer movie out this year. From the outrage over an all-female cast to the negative reaction to the trailer — even the New York press screening Business Insider attended had a technical glitch — the movie can’t catch a break.

But for the filmmakers, the hate has just led to more jokes.

In a scene at the beginning of the movie, the Ghostbusters (played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon) read a few of the mean comments on a video they have uploaded on YouTube.

It got one of the bigger laughs at the screening we attended.

And according to Yahoo Movies UK, the scene was tweaked during production in response to the internet backlash.

“It was added [to the script],” McCarthy said.

“I feel like the part was in [the script] already,” Wiig said. “But we changed what was said.”

“We did something on the day that slightly tweaked it,” McCarthy added.

The movie’s director, Paul Feig, is known for encouraging improvisation on set, and this is a case where that style certainly paid off.

The way it’s done is not heavy-handed, so years from now the joke will still work when all the controversy about this movie is long forgotten (hopefully).

“Ghostbusters” opens in theatres July 15.

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