Getting Fired Is The Best Thing That's Happened To Owen Van Natta All Year

MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta

No one likes to be fired, but we’re pretty sure former MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta is more than at peace with getting canned last night.

Four reasons:

MySpace was a sinking ship before Owen ever came on board. It was so bad that the the guy who hired Owen, News Corp Digital CEO Jon Miller, stopped talking about MySpace in public last spring.

The guy’s family lives in San Francisco and he was commuting to Los Angeles for work.

Owen was Facebook’s COO when it turned down a $1 billion buyout offer from Yahoo. Company shares — Owen has plenty of them — are currently going for $32 a pop on The implied value is ~$15 billion. Translation: Owen has a ton of money already. Battling over control of MySpace is a headache he does not need.

At least one partner at a prominent VC firm told us he’s already recruiting Owen to join up. This partner asked to remain anonymous in case the deal doesn’t happen.

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