GETAWAY OF THE DAY: Let It All Hang Out At Britain's First Nudist Hotel

nudist hotel

Photo: Clover Spa

Those seeking a break from clothing have a new destination: the Clover Spa in Birmingham, England.Britain’s first “naturist” hotel, it opened just a few months ago.

England may seem like a cold and damp locale for a nudist resort, but the owners of the spa tell The Daily Mail that the weather won’t be a problem.

The paper reports:

‘We’ve had a bit of stick for the location,’ [owner] Tim Higgs says in reference to those who dismiss Birmingham as ‘wet and miserable.’

‘But naturism in Britain is largely an indoor event, especially if you want it 365 days a year. British weather is unreliable wherever you are.’

The seven-room hotel and spa has a sauna, hot tub, and even a healthfood cafe — but no naked volleyball.

Book it: Small double rooms start at around $113 per night.

Get there: Round trip flights from New York to Birmingham start at around $836.

Clover Spa is housed in a former private residence built in the 1920s

The living room

The kitchen

The reading material in the lounge keeps with the hotel theme

The bathroom

The spa offers a full range of treatments

And is state-of-the-art

The sauna

A treatment room

That's owner Tim Higgs and a fellow staff member

Cooling off

The plunge pool

Rather not see your fellow guests in the nude?

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