Check Out This Startup's New Sunbathed, Puppy-Filled Office


Photo: Matt Lynley for Business Insider

Car-sharing service Getaround now has more than 10,000 cars in its fleet and is rolling out in city after city.After launching in May last year at TechCrunch Disrupt, it added more than 25 new employees.

It was getting a little big for its shoes, so it had to move to a brand new office in the South of Market neighbourhood in San Francisco last month.

We stopped by to check out their new space and check in with founder Jessica Scorpio.

The office is tucked away at the back of an office building just off 8th street.

After launching at TechCrunch Disrupt in May last year, it's been growing pretty quickly.

Right when you walk in, you'll see the hardware desk. That's where Getaround designs all its car-sharing plug-ins for cars.

The bottom floor of the office uses sit-stand desks — which you can raise up and down at any time. The electrical wiring was a nightmare, though.

If you peek out the window, you can see the rest of the San Francisco neighbourhood. The whole office is designed to be flooded by sunlight.

There's a lounging spot in the corner right next to a fireplace in the main office area. But the best spot to relax is upstairs...

There's even a machine to play Mortal Kombat.

You can draw on the walls with whatever ideas you might have.

There's an obligatory keg of beer — you can hardly visit a startup without seeing something like that.

It also has a full kitchen. The office used to belong to RootMusic, but it feels more like a giant apartment than an office.

Even the bathrooms are swanky. There's a jacuzzi in one on the third floor.

There are four floors altogether. The third one spots conference rooms like this one where you can get away to make a phone call.

There's a patio on the roof. This is where Jessica Scorpio and CEO Sam Zaid take meetings.

The view is incredible. You can see the rest of the city.

It has pets, too. There's also a pair of puppies that belong to Jessica Scorpio.

Adorable, right? They look kind of like little foxes, Scorpio says.

Scorpio says she's pretty pleased with the new offices. They'll be there for around a year, before they grow too big and have to find a new office.

RootMusic used to rent this office...

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