Google's Glasses Are Available For Developers And Cost $1,500

google glass explorer edition at google i/o

Photo: Owen Thomas, Business Insider

If you happen to be attending Google’s developer conference, and have $1,500 laying around, you can sign up to pre-order Google Glass.Google co-founder Sergey Brin gave a high energy demo of Google Glass today at the Google I/O conference.  

Members of the audience were taken through a series of extreme sports, including skydiving all from the first-person perspective.

Check out our video of the amazing experience>

Brin warned the audience of over 6,000 developers that Project Glass is “not a consumer device.” 

In case you aren’t familiar, Google Glass is one of the more radical products currently in alpha testing by the search giant.

Glass is an an augmented reality head-mounted display that allows you to see information currently available to most smartphone users, such as status updates and interaction with the Internet through voice commands, similar to Siri.

The beta version of Google Glass will ship early next year. They can currently only be used in the United States because of international regulations.

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