INSTANT MBA: Adopt A 'Dual Citizen' Mindset

Adam Bryant NYT

Today’s advice comes from Adam Bryant, columnist at The New York Times, via LinkedIn:

“To encourage big-picture thinking, leaders have to find ways to communicate and constantly reinforce this idea of “think globally, execute locally.” Some have encouraged employees to think as if they owned the company — not in terms of ego, of course, but just to nudge people to lift up their gaze from their own desk and see the broader perspective.”

Bryant cites a recent interview with Helene Gayle of CARE that lends insight to how managers can enlighten their employees. Managers can adopt the mindset of “dual citizens,” which encourages employees to think about their own interests, but also wearing a broader corporate hat.

“Without that mindset, people can fall into a myopic focus on their own to-do lists. That’s how silos start to creep up — with people thinking of colleagues in other departments as “them” rather than “us” — and silos are what bring down even the greatest companies.”

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