Now You Can Get Your Boob Job Tax Free In New Jersey

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For those hoping to look their best at the Jersey Shore this summer and are in need of a little nip or tuck, New Jersey will soon offer tax-free cosmetic surgery, as per a bill signed by Gov. Chris Christie today (via current 6% tax will be phased out gradually between now and July 2013, dropping two per cent immediately, then an additional two per cent in July, and then again until it’s gone.

Axing the tax will cut $10.8 million in annual revenue for the state. Despite the drastic cut in funds, the bill’s statement claims that the phase-out will “gradually alleviate the financial and administrative burdens associated with the tax.”

The bill officially includes cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, cosmetic injections, cosmetic 42 soft tissue fillers, dermabrasion and chemical peel, laser hair 43 removal, laser skin resurfacing, laser treatment of leg veins, 44 sclerotherapy, and cosmetic dentistry as now tax-free procedures.

If women begin to take advantage of the new tax-free service, expect a much bigger summer at the Jersey Shore.

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