Here Come TV Commercials Between Web Pages


ShortTail Media is testing a new ad unit that allows publishers to insert 15- and 30-second video ads between pages on their sites. Reuters has already signed up for a beta test this summer. and The Weather Channel are close to joining in, reports AdWeek.

ShortTail’s units, called D30, are part of a recent movement to bring bigger, more interrupting ad units online.

The thinking behind this push is that the main reason Web publishing revenues haven’t been able to fully replace print revenues is that the standard Web ad — the banner — is too easy for readers to ignore. They are small and on margins of Web pages.

Because they are on the margins of Web pages, banners do not interrupt the flow of content with a sponsored message. This is unlike ads in newspapers, on TV, on radio and in magazines, banners do not interrupt the flow of content with a sponsored message.

Because they are small, banners cannot convey a brand message or feeling nearly so well as a glossy Magazine back cover, a cinematic TV commercial or a full-page takeout in a national paper.

Reuters, and The Weather Channel aren’t the only publishers buying the ideas like the ones Payne is selling.

  • In March, 27 huge publishers agreed to try three new larger ad units.
  • Blog network Gawker Media is turning in 30% growth during a recession selling huge site takeovers.
  • Tina Brown and IAC’s glossy on the Web, The Daily Beast, sells deeply customised units that cross the boundry between advertisment and article.

If all this sounds like it will hamper the user exeperience, then too bad, says ShortTail Media CEO David Payne.

In a speech at the Advertising Bureu’s annual meeting, writes AdWeek, Payne told publishers they needed ” to adopt bigger, bolder creative and to be less sensitive to user experience.”

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