How To Sell Your Startup: IAC Edition

Mike Arrington reports that Flixster, a movie-rating social network with a popular Facebook app, has put itself up for sale. Mike also notes that Barry Diller’s IAC may be interested in buying some or all of the company at a $150 million valuation.

From a distance, this seems an awful lot like Flixster trying to drum up interest from other would-be acquirers. But let’s take the report at face value: They’ve got IAC interested in an investment. So what do you do if you want to sell your startup to IAC?

Get to know the players:

There’s Barry, of course. But everyone knows Barry Diller, at least by reputation. And before your term sheet gets to him, you’ll need to get through several more gatekeepers. Here’s the rundown:

First ring:
Kara Nortman, VP, M&A
Bio: Princeton AB, Stanford MBA. Did two tours at Battery Ventures before heading to IAC a year ago. Started off focusing on communications/software sector during first boom, has since moved to consumer Internet plays.

Second Ring:
Jason Rapp, SVP M&A
Bio: Duke BA, Columbia MBA. Clintonian Democrat (worked in White House, DNC), then a two-year stint at PR Firm Robinson Lerer Montgomery, then a very fast rise through New York Times as a bizdev wonder boy. Credited with buy. Works hand-in-hand with…

Shana Fisher, SVP, Strategy and M&A
Bio: Hampshire BA, attended but didn’t finish MA program at NYU. Techie credentials: Program manager at Microsoft. BizDev credentials: Allen and Co.

Third Ring:
Victor Kaufman, Vice Chairman
Bio: Hollywood player, survivor, through 70s and 80s: Columbia, Tri-Star, Savoy Pictures. In Barry’s circle for  more than a decade, became IAC CFO in 1997.  The second-most important vote at IAC, but importantly is not a proxy for Barry on all deals.

That’s a preliminary tip-sheet: We can make it a lot better with your help — what kind of deals is IAC most interested in? What do they want no part of? What’s the best way to get face time? Etc. Add your comments below or email us: pkafka AT alleyinsider DOT com or tips AT alleysinsider DOT com and we’ll update.

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