How To Get Rid Of Spam In Your Google Search Results

Google is the world’s most dominant search engine, but lately a lot of people have been moaning about the spammy sites it delivers in its results.

Well, good news if you’re in that camp. You can avoid sites you hate, and you don’t even have to go to Blekko to do it.

If you keep seeing the same unwanted sites pop up in your searches, Lifehacker has a way to block them forever by creating a custom search engine. Just copy this code and paste it into your URL bar:


Where you see “,, etc.” input the URL of the spammy sites you want left out.

Next time you perform a search, Google will omit those them from your results. You can add more as needed or create custom URLs for each of you common search topics. Create a bookmark of your custom code so you can easily go back to it later.

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