Get Ready To Start Drinking Blueberry Coffee [THE BRIEF]


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When the Consumer Analyst Group of New York met up this week in Florida, Ad Age notes that some marketers unveiled some pretty strange products they’re going to roll out this year. The weirdest? Get ready for Smucker’s to selling brewing blueberry and jelly bagged Dunkin’ doughnuts coffee and for Hilshire Farm to sell smoky bourbon seasoned ham.

What’s next for Yahoo?

Oreo keeps winning at quick social media reactions. Here’s how it celebrated the Grammys — what’s in store for Oscar night?

Drawbridge raised $14 million in VC investments. The startup tackles cross-device ad tracking.

DDB West hired Vincent Higgins and Will Hammond to be its executive director, user experience and ECD on the Wells Fargo Business, respectively. Higgins joins DDB West from DDB Worldwide, and Hammond comes in from the outside. He was previously the GCD on Visa at TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Global digital management consultancy The 614 Group added three bigwigs to its board of advisers: 24/7 Media CEO and Chairman David J. Moore, AOL SVP David Jacobs, and and About.Inc SVP, business development Marc Goldberg.

Nicole Miller left her job as ACD at The Concept Farm, where she worked for six years, to work at Gardner Nelson + Partners.

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